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Roland Cube 60

The new CUBE-60 brings Roland's acclaimed CUBE amplifier line to new levels and larger venues. The CUBE-60 is wickedly powerful for its size ' the most powerful and versatile CUBE you've ever heard, thanks to the newly developed 12" speaker, specially tuned amplifier, nine potent COSMĀ® amp models, pro digital effects, and versatile outputs.

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Great solid state amp.

Sound I'm using a Takemine G-Series electric acoustic and a Schecter Diamond Series Hellraiser (7string) through this amp. I usually am not very impressed with solid state amps, but this one is pretty good. You can choose to use Delay or Reverb with a Phaser, Flanger, or Tremolo. Granted, the only effects on here that don't seem too bad.

Reliability I have used this at a show with no backup and it did pretty good! I had no issues with it.

Customer Support Haven't had to call them.

Liked about it Sound is much better than I expected coming from this amp.
Clean tone is very pretty and sounds great with a good guitar.
Very light and portable.

Didn't like I wasn't really impressed with the DYNA Amp mode on this. I looked up Dyna videos and this one didn't seem as diverse and powerful as other Dyna amps I saw.
Though this has effects built in, the only two I seem to get anything out of are the Delay and Reverb. The Phaser, Flanger, and Tremolo seem kind of weak.
The gain has multiple modes, but only one has been good for me. I use the "R-FIER" mode and use the tone knobs on the amp to get the sound I want.

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By boyd
May 11, 2010
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