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Traynor Custom Special YCS100H

The Custom Special 100H's true three-channel architecture offers full control of each and every channel. No shared EQ's or pseudo "channels" here. Every channel on the YCS100H has individual gain and volume controls, a full three band EQ, boost level and its own effects return and reverb settings.

Price: $383 to $432 at 2 stores
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Great sound, but this isn't a reliable amp. featured

Sound I was able to get all sorts of sounds using my Ibanez RG. I was able to play anything that I was asked to play. I even had to play a country song and this amp rose to the challenge. I was able to get an awesome distortion out of it without the use of any pedals. The amp by itself was able to cover the styles I played with it from Alt Rock, to metal, to one country song, to some 80's covers. The Clean channel was beautiful. I was able to turn this one up to about 3, so I never got to see if it got distorted, but it worked for me. The reverb wasn't very impressive to me, but it wasn't horrible. It used a spring reverb and I never really noticed anything special about it.

Reliability This is where it gets interesting. I received this on the same day we had a show to play, so I was excited to use it. I had about 3 minutes to play with the settings/tone. We arrived to our place and the amp wouldn't turn on at all. I ended up having to send it back due to a power failure to which they sent me a brand new unit. I used this for about two shows and after this, the channel pedal started to switch from distorted to clean and back over and over. When this would happen, channel one light would stay lit up and the others would just flash on and off. I couldn't seem to get this fixed without sending it off again, so I sent it back. They sent me another unit in return that did the exact same thing in mid show.

Customer Support I purchased the amp from Musician's Friend. When I had the problem the first time, I called Traynor and they blew me off. They refused to help me and said I needed to call where I purchased it. I called Musician's Friend and they apologized and paid for shipping and sent me an amp back before mine even reached them. When the amp messed up the second time, they told me to call Traynor for this one. Again, Traynor blew me off. I found out that apparently, Traynor doesn't get paid to support amps from Musician's Friend and aren't apt to help. I am not sure on how valid this statement is, but this came from Musician's Friend when I had to call them for this fix after Traynor refused to help. When this happened again, I just called Musician's Friend and they set me up with a totally different amp.

Liked about it I got the sounds I wanted out of all three channels and each was very diverse and different. The lights on the amp were very bright, so I could see when it was rather dark. The manual had a diagram of each of your amp's settings that you could write in them and keep documented graphically, which was nice.

Didn't like I couldn't keep this thing running. The spring reverb didn't really make much of a difference. Traynor customer support wasn't very friendly.

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By boyd
Apr 28, 2010
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Price: $383 to $432
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