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Diezel Herbert MK2 Head

Behold the DIEZEL HERBERT MK2 - the absolute pinnacle of high-gain mastery! Meticulously engineered in Germany, the Herbert is a hard rock or metal player's dream amplifier. With its immense levels of gain, impossibly tight/percussive bottom end, and sinister crunch, the Herbert can handle anything you throw at it. It also boasts a pristine clean channel as well as...

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THE amp for everything from clean to metal!!

Sound This is one of the best-sounding and flexible amplifiers I've ever heard. The Herbert has three pairs of power tubes for a total of six power tubes. You can mix and match different tube types in pairs and bias them individually to craft the exact tone you want. My preferred setup was with 2 x KT88, 2 x EL34s, and 2 x 6L6.

With 4 EL34s you can get a brighter, crunchier tone but the mix of the three different types of tubes really opens up the sound and versatility of the amp.

The amp has three channels. Channel one can go from crystal cleans to gritty bluesy gain. Channel two picks up where channel one leaves off and has a +/- switch, where the + increases the gain on the channel. Channel three is total liquid saturation.

Each channel has independent EQ and there is a global "Mid Cut" switch that allows you to scoop and/or boost different mid frequencies for even more tonal flexibility. Global resonance and presence controls complete the picture.

The amp has a second master volume for boosting solos, and a switchable effects loop, all controlled by MIDI. You can even set up a muted patch for tuning.

This is one of the most brutal metal amps I've ever played. The gain is fluid but not over the top and fizzy. Chords retain their single-note definition and solos are sustained and fluid.

Diezel has a signature sound and the Herbert delivers it in spades, and is still versatile enough to cover other sonic territory. This is one monster amp and at 180 watts has some serious headroom.

Reliability This amp was rock-solid. The only problem I ever had was when I bought the amp the LED for channel one was not working. Check out the "Customer Support" section.

Customer Support I e-mailed Diezel about the burnt-out LED and within an hour or so I received an apologetic e-mail from Peter Diezel himself. The next day I received an overnight package from Diezel with five LEDs inside and instructions regarding exactly how to replace the LED. Within a few minutes I had the amp back to 100%--all for NO CHARGE!! Now THAT'S customer service!!

Liked about it Great versatility--everything from the ability to mix and match power tubes to the different channels.
Unbelievable headroom.
Killer tone shaping features--Mid Cut, Resonance, Presence, etc.

Didn't like This is one heavy amp due to the awesome transformers on-board--that's the price you pay for tone!
The +/- on channel two is not MIDI-switchable. However, Peter Diezel himself e-mailed me with instructions on how to mod the amp to make it relay-switchable.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
May 20, 2012
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