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Diezel VH4 Featured

The VH4 is a 4-power tube guitar amplifier head. It features 4 channels, for 4 distinctly different guitar sounds. It's sound is best described as High Definition/High gain/Tight. A magnificent recording amplifier, but also at home on the worlds biggest arena stages.

Price: $65 to $100 at 4 stores
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The Diezel VH4 may be the last amp you'll have to buy.

Sound This amp can do it all. From Fender cleans to Marshall Crunch to High-Gain madness, the four channels of this amp, while voiced differently, also have a certain continuity, one channel taking over where the previous leaves off. Channel 1 is the "Clean" channel, but can get great gritty break-up with the gain pushed. Channel 2 covers the "Crunch" territory going from bluesy dirt to AC/DC grind, even into 80's metal. Channel 3 is the trademark Diezel sound and covers a ton of sonic territory. Channel 4 is all-out compressed high-gain madness, but again cleans up nicely with either the gain backed off or guitar volume rolled down. The amp also has "Deep" and "Presence" controls that affect the power section for additional tone shaping. The linked YouTube clip was run through a Marshall Cabinet filled with Celestion G12T-75s and played using an Ibanez RGR4 loaded with a Dimarzio Crunch Lab in the bridge and Liquifire in the neck. The video has the VH4 loaded with 6550 tubes and has since been changed to EL34s to give it more mid-range grind. Expensive, yes. Worth it, yes.

Diezel VH4 Speaker Comparison Clip 1 (video)

Reliability Never had an issue with it. German engineering--would gig it without a backup.

Customer Support I've had several questions but no problems. Ever question I've ever asked has been answered promptly. Diezel even offered up a way for me to modify one of their amps to suit my needs.

Liked about it Covers an unbelievable amount of sonic territory.
Able to handle different power tubes without wiring.
Tone, tone, tone.

Didn't like On the heavy side for a head, but worth the carry.

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By racerevlon
Dec 30, 2011
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Price: $65 to $100
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