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Digidesign Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Featured

Eleven Rack just got more versatile than ever. With the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, a software add-on option for Eleven Rack, you not only get more jawdropping guitar amp and effects emulations to change up your tone, you can turn Eleven Rack into a powerful bass rig and vocal studio too. - -

Price: $201 to $215 at 3 stores
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How do you make the BEST modeler better? featured

Sound Easy, install the new Eleven Rack Expansion Pack. Done.
First, I have had so many modeler/multi FX units in my life I should own stock in all of the popular companies, Line 6, Digitech, Boss, Vox, etc. I have also owned my share of amps from Bugera to Bad Cat. My most recent amps where a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb and Dual Rectifier and a Marshall JCM 2000 and JCM 800.
I sold them all, even the Mesa's, after buying the 11R.
The 11R has a honeymoon period, a little nervousness, a little excitement, a realization of commitment, an explosion of ecstasy (ohh yes, the modeled that too). Then the marriage similarities halt; it is just pure increasing pleasures from that point on.
That is how see the 11R. I was using a Digitech GSP when I first bought the 11R. My first impression was "nice, but not necessarily selling my amps or replacing the GSP". When I bought the 11R I was really just planning on testing so I thought based on the first day it would probably go back sooner than later, but hey I had 45 days. Day 2 got better, and by the end of the week I was thinking damn I going to "really" have to buy another piece of equipment (the 11r). By the end of the third week thoughts of selling my JCM were looming large and by two months it was gone with no regrets. I still had a couple Mesa's so I was fine. Well a few months later and I have NO real amps left!
Wait, scratch that, I have an ORANGE BOX (yelling from the street corner Chris) filled with REAL amps, plus a couple of amazing custom ones too. Could not be happier.
Enter the Expansion Pack. The expansion pack added about 17 amp models, 8 cabinets, a multi-chorus, a killer dynamic Stereo delay, a dynamic compressor, and a custom distortion pedal, and a white boost overdrive. All this on top of the standard amps, cabs, and FX for only about $99. But that's not it, now you have control over speaker breakup as well. Another honeymoon.
This sound of all the new models is spot on. With the right power and speaker selection you will be amazed and the dynamics and feel of this unit. One new amp that should not be over looked is the new Digidesign Custom Modern SOD. Who cares about custom models, right? Wrong this model is a cross between and Mesa and Soldano and should not be overlook. It is a killer amp very expressive and tight. It can do everything from classic rock to metal. The new Plexi Variac is also a favorite. Can you say brown sound? Maybe you would prefer the Matchless or Ecstasy models, it doesn't matter they all there and it is very easy to find your tone or copy your favorite artist tone. Within minutes I was able to create very convincing EVH tones. I am not talking about close; we are talking on the mark. The only way I could get it better would be to clone Eddie as well.
If you have the 11R already buy this expansion pack today for $99. If you don't own the 11R, you are late to the party, but we are waiting for you to join the fun. Seriously'. Do it now.

Reliability Download, Install and it works. Some have had slight problem with the installation but they were related to the computer used to install the firmware.

Customer Support Avid built this product based on customer feedback. They have a site that allows you to vote for the features you would like to see. This update has almost all of the top request. There are also several Avid employees that are always on the 11R forum offering advice and gathering feedback. The first day of the updates release (and since then) all question were answered within minutes. I was very impressed. They did find one setting for a tremolo that was not saving properly and within a week have released a patch for it. Also, the forum members are great. They do not bash other products and welcome all comments. Right now it is a love fest over there.

Liked about it Quality of the sound, realistic models, great FX, killer delay, ease of use, support. Buying this product was an amazing experience. In my opinion, with this expansion pack the 11R isn't just a contender, it just gained the title with a knockout punch. Do yourself a favor and listen to some of the recordings that have been made with the new pack. You will be shocked that they are not real amps. I know they feel real.

Didn't like Some would argue that you shouldn't have to pay for the update, there is no one complaining about that since the release. I was willing to pay and will again when they add additional packs and features. The designers have said there is still plenty of room for expansion.

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By fly_with_v
Mar 30, 2011
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Price: $201 to $215
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