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Dual Rectifier Status

Legendary Tube Amp. Current Model

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The state of the boogie featured

Sound Now I was very eager to test this current modell dual rec as I have an old vintage 2-channel boogie that I like very much. Not that I ever got any decent clean sound out of it, but for anything from hard rock to metal it is a great beast.
So what is the current state of the new boogies?
Well obviously the dual rectifier now has 3-channels. It still has all the switches and knobs for the tube/diode settings etc. like the old one, plus the same for the 3rd channel. Now the 5-switches Footswitch is a nice new feature.
But we are here for sound so lets dial it in and see what we got there...

Well there are still not really any good clean sounds in this baby, but I found what I like to call "crunch superlight" to be very decent for anyting bluesy. This is in tube mode.
Now going through the channels in tube mode I felt that this current modell is much more brutal than my old one. If you look for that creamy santana sound I was not really able to reproduce it with the current modell. Of course for anything really hard rocky to metal it was cool.
Turning it to silicium mode it is even more beasty than the old one. Well any metalhead should be in heaven by now. This amp really delivers endless gain, without overcompressing your sound. You can still hear what you are playing even in insane gain settings. It is quite easy to dial in very nice high gain sounds. This is where this boogie still shines.
So all in all, for my style I like the old one better. They are indeed very different, not only by the number of channels they have. The new modell has a totally different character to it, very modern and for the high gain crowd.

Reliability Still built like a tank.

Customer Support Usually very nice and helpful. Get back to you very fast. Also nice forums.

Liked about it - High Gain Sounds
- Built Quality
- Number of sounds you can dial in

Didn't like - Price Tag
- Clean Sounds
- More brutal than the old one

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Dec 28, 2009
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Just a beast waiting to be tame

Sound I used a American Fender Special Strat HSS with Dimarzio Pro Track(N), Fast Track1(M), and a Super Distortion(B) (standard tuning) and mainly a PRS SE Torero with Seymour Duncan Emty Blackouts (Drop B) with 11-48 through a Seymour Duncan SFX-01 pickup booster right in to the Mesa Dual Rectifier 3 Ch. out to a Mesa Boogie 2x12 Rectifier Standard Vertical Slant with Celestion V30 at 8ohm.

On Ch1., the clean channel with the Strat., I was able to get a Fender clean with setting as following Power(Spongy), Rectifier(Tube), Solo(7 oClock), Output(10), Presence(12), Master(1), Gain(11), Bass(11), Mid(7), Treble(12), Channel Mode (Clean).

Most time I am on CH3 for heavy metal/hardcore tone with my PRS Torero in drop B tuning for Avenged Sevenfold sound. Setting are as following Power(Bold), Rectifier(Tube), Solo(6), Output(6), Presence(2), Master(10), Gain(3), Bass(2), Mid(10), Treble(1), Channel Mode (Modern).

The low end is tight and this will fit if you're playing aggressive styles. I rarely use channel 2. When I did use channel 2 with Vintage Voice, I was able to dial in a Marshall JCM800 sound of the 80's rock.

This is the most versatile amp I ever play. All you needs is time to dial in the sound you needs. I would says you needs to tweak the amp and needs a overdrive boost in front of the amp. By the ways I switch out the stock 6L6 for JJ E34L which I like more.

Reliability This is very reliable, built and look like a tank. Never had to carry a backup amp like before when I own a JCM800 2204. Just bring some spare power tube and fuses.

Customer Support Never have dealt with support.

Liked about it 1. The tone you can dial in, from Fender Clean, to Marshall crunch, and a ferocious hi-gain that is not compressed.
2. Does not needs to be bias when swapping power amp tubes.
3. This amp is built tough and built to last as I own it for 4 years now and no issue.

Didn't like 1. The effect loop which is parallel is what I hated about this amp, just really unusable with time delay fx even when set to 100% wet.
2. This head weight a ton.
3. Price is just way too expensive and no discount at all.

Overall satisfaction:

By 11racksfx
Aug 25, 2012
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