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Electro-Harmonix 6L6 Power Tubes Featured

Based on the vintage RCA "blackplate" 6L6, the modern Electro-Harmonix tube has an improved grid structure and mica spacers for superior tone and excellent power handling.

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Simply the best and most toneful modern 6L6 available!

Sound It's hard for me not to imagine the most perfect sound of my Mesa/Boogie without these power tubes loaded in them. Now...alot of people are very biased on tubes (wow, now THAT'S a gear joke!) but seriously, the 6L6EH has the tightest and most musical bass response of any modern tube I've ever loaded in my high end amps. For ultra extreme high gain metal it crushes with authority and NEVER mushes up like Ruby tubes - the EH 6L6 retains all the precise clarity (and increased volume on the low end you WANT), and sings with extravagant harmonics in the midrange. They are a little bit trebly (a characteristic of EH tubes, but that's always easy to dial in or out, and trust me - that's a very desirable trait as it makes harmonic attributes MUCH better and tonal characteristics more unique!). I use the "soft" tubes (which are also rebranded by Mesa/Boogie as the "reds" just to show you how high quality these tubes are) and gain is smooth, beautiful and -plenty-. It's the sound you want to hear. There is lots of headroom thanks to the large halo-getter and improved mica spacers from the original RCA designs. While some would argue these are being made at the New Sensor plant in Russia, these are still ULTRA high quality tubes, and far superior to any Chinese high gain tubes in both tone and reliability. If you are looking for your next set of 6L6's or maybe you want to change your sound up; get a set of Electro-Harmonix tubes, you won't be sorry.

Reliability My matched pair was in use for over 3 years before they started to go. That's alot of time considering I put about 60 hours a week on my main Mesa/Boogie. You do the math on that one. The bias loading on these tubes hold better and more solidly than Svetlana, and the tone isn't as "gushy" or muddy as Ruby tubes...these are however HIGH POWERED tubes. If you want a tube that will blow your doors down and still give you tone all day long - this is your tube. It's mine! Won't looks back from Russian tubes.

Customer Support EH has pretty good customer support and they also have a great forum for EH enthusiasts.

Liked about it 1) Deep, rich, articulate bass tones (SUPER POWERFUL)! Never muddy or "gushy" like Chinese tubes.
2) Ultra gain - ultra harmonics. Wow.
3) Did I mention power? This really is -the- 6L6 in my humble opinion. Try on a pair.

Didn't like 1) Sometimes questioned just if they were TOO powerful...nah.

5 amazing stars!

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By SonicProvocateur
May 19, 2010
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