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Fender Roc Pro 700

These tough lookin' Tube-Driven Hybrid amps are designed to rock from the inside out! Deep within the molten core of the Tube Drive channel a real 12AX7/ECC83 tube glows hot and heavy, creating tones most amps can only dream of. The Normal channel can be set for pristine, or coaxed into edgy overdrive for that tone that has kept Fender? amplifiers at the top of the ton... - Descrption: The 70-watt combo version of the 1000 models. - Specs: 70 watts rms, 12" speaker. - Features: Channel switching, normal channel (Treble, Mid, Bass), drive channel (Tube preamp, Treble, Mid, Bass), Reverb, adjustable EFX loop, line output, 2-button footswitch.

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Better than I expected.

Sound I've got an Ibanez SAS32EX equipped with Ernie Ball .010s and I use Dunlop Tortex 0.6mm picks. This amp is great. The clean channel, first of all, is the best I've ever heard for a solid state. Remains very clean up until the volume is around 8 - at which point, this thing already makes more noise than everything else in the world put together, so it's kind of useless. Sounds very sparkly and glassy, and goes very well with the reverb. The overdrive channel is where this thing is perfect, however; it's not a very high gain amp, but it sounds very clean, yet very distorted even at high volumes. Unlike any solid state amp I've tried, when you play a chord, you hear every note - not a concatenation of every note in the chord. It really screams for lead work, especially as you go higher up the neck. The reverb on this amp is also pretty great, if you turn it to 10, you can get some pretty awesome effects from it.

That's a vague take of the "Scarified" Space Ship Live intro by Paul Gilbert, taken on the bridge pickup, with the gain at 10.

Sanitarium by Metallica intro. Played badly, mind you.

Reliability It's fairly old, and I got it from my grandfather. He says he's never had any issues with it in all of the years he owned it.

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By meticadpa
Dec 01, 2010
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