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Genz Benz GB 412 G-Flex

Introducing the G-FLEX 4 x 12" guitar enclosure! Designed to handle the rigorous duties of night-after-night pounding power chords and solos. The GB 412G-FLEX will cut through the mix and the crowd, reproducing unmatched low-end punch and rich distinctive tone. The FLEXED baffle design and front-ported enclosure increases projection along with tighter low frequencies....

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Very low and heavy sounding!!!!

Sound Guitar: Ibanez RG7620 w/ stock pickups
Head: B52 AT100
Style used: Punchy, mid-heavy Death Metal distortion as well as slow, dark cleans.
Ohm's used: 4 stereo (meaning one cable for the left side, and one for the right).

This beast it BRUTAL!!!! It not only handles the low tuning that I use (and I don't just hit it once in a while like some 80's rocker, I f**king use it like a true metalhead), it actually takes that low end punch that the guitar puts out and turns it into a punch in the stomach! It can also get very shrill and ice pick-like. It doesn't *tend* to, but it has the potential. Which is good, because that means it can handle everything in between.

Keeps the cleans clean. It can go from very sweet, sparkley cleans to very dark, almost scary cleans. VERY good for cleans!

Reliability I'd do more then a gig without a backup, I'd do an ENTIRE TOUR without a backup for this beast!!!!

Liked about it Very brutal. Heavy bass but still very tight.
Versatile. Not much I can really say there. The word speaks for itself.
It's drop-dead sexy!!!

Didn't like The wheels are VERY annoying to use. They refuse to go in one direction.
Almost no mids to it. I like mids a lot, so I had to blast them on the head. If you like V30's, this cab might not be for you.

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By D.M.RG7620
Jul 20, 2012
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