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Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 15R

Small Transistor practice Combo

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Small and Blue

Sound This is a small affordable practice amp. It is 100% transistor so I did not expect to much. It is equipped with an EQ and the R model has a built in reverb tank. You also have a second channel for overdrive settings with a gain knob to control it.
Clean this amp is absolutely OK. It has enough headroom even for a high output guitar and putting my M13 in front of it, it can do a lot of things very nicely. The EQ is very effective and you can dial in nice clean sounds, even with a good amount of twang, if necessary. Combined with some good effects the clean channel can shine.

The overdrive is OK'ish. It sounds a little like some cheaper distortion pedals, but is OK for practice use. Of course at this price tag you get a lot of added noise if you dial up the gain too much. All in all the distortion is not the burner, but is OK for the asking price. You can however easily forget the drive channel and hook up a good distortion pedal and this amp is extremely nice for practice.

Reliability It is very well built and should be OK to take a beating. Since it is closed back, it wont have any trouble with hitting the speaker when in your trunk...

Customer Support Very nice and helpful.

Liked about it + Good clean
+ Nice EQ
+ It has blue light

Didn't like - Overdrive it not the best in the land (OK for price)

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By Tank
Mar 15, 2010
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