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Hughes & Kettner Trilogy Head

Four world-class tube channels for one stellar performance - - Steel-string slingers seeking jaw-dropping tube-tone will hit the jackpot with Trilogy™. Four channels, plus Boost and Sparkle modes, provide a staggering array of six markedly diverse sounds at the touch of a button. Providing plenty of flexibility to keep any pro player happy, this prized amp covers all the bases for all styles of music. And if that brings to mind our very own TriAmp® Custom Class amp, you're right: Trilogy boasts many of its big brother's remarkable qualities! Whatever it is you want ' crisp and clean, punchy crunch, sumo-sized overdrive or hi-gain shred ' salvation's just a step away, courtesy of the included footswitch. What's more, our ingenious SmartLoop™ effects routing and the built-in MIDI-features afford you even more sonic possibilities: Configurable in serial or parallel modes, the SmartLoop™ FX circuit automatically recalls its settings for every channel (including on/off). And if six directly accessible presets are not enough, simply plug in a MIDI Stageboard and an outboard signal processor to take that number up to a mind-boggling 128 patches! - So who says you can't have it all? Trilogy ' the smart amp for real players! -

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Never should have sold this amp!!! featured

Sound Having owned this amp and still owning a TriAmp MK II I don't understand why the Trilogy and TriAmp are in two different classes (according to H&K). The Trilogy is a MONSTER of an amp but also has some of the most amazing clean channel sounds I've ever heard out of a non-Class-A tube amp head. Using the "Sparkle" feature on the clean channel really brings out the top end--super-chimey and glassy. Both single-coils and humbuckers sound amazing. There is some perceptible noise on the high-gain channels but this is easily cured with a HUSH in the effects loop. The distortion when dialed up is easily as punishing as the TriAmp or the Marshall JVM. The Trilogy also has the Smart Effects Loop that the TriAmp has. I never owned the factory foot controller as I controlled the head via the included MIDI interface. As a previous reviewer noted, this amp works better with some speakers than others. I initially tried it into a 4 x 12 with Celestion Vintage 30's--didn't sound so great. I changed to a 4 x 12 with Celestion GT12-50's and WOW!!! Totally different and awesome sound. If you are a fan of the TriAmp MK II but don't want to drop the $3600 US, buy the Trilogy--you won't be sorry.

Update 4/7/2010: I have corrected the error of my ways and purchased another Trilogy. This is one piece of gear I just couldn't live without!

Update 6/17/2010: Uploaded a YouTube video of each of the channels. Not an official review but pretty good preview of the different sounds.

Reliability All the H&K gear I've owned has been rock-solid. Would gig without a backup. Never broke on me.

Customer Support H&K customer support is awesome--refer to my TriAmp MK II review.

Liked about it Like having a 6-channel amp with multiple tonal variations.
MIDI-controllable functionality included.
Dude, it glows blue!!

Didn't like Factory footswitch seems a little weak.
Doesn't do low-volume very well--this amp wants to POUND!!

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Nov 26, 2009
Last updated: June 18, 2010
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Trilogy or 4? featured

Sound Now the clean channel is absolutely suberb. With a flip of a switch you can make it even more crips and it sounds wonderfull and very vintage fenderish. It has a lot of headroom, so even with my JEM fully cranked up it can stay clean, with the right dial in.

Crunch is also very nice and very bluesy. Although this channel sound VERY different over different cabs. I tested 2 4x12 cabs (one from H&K which is recommended for the amp and one from Mesa) and through the H&K it sounded very nice, through the (very good with other amps) Mesa it sounded very crappy. So I hooked it up to my custom 2x12 with Jensens and it sounded again different and much more vintage bluesy. Also you can dial in lots of sounds, but it reacts to every minimal touch on the tone knobs, so beware to handle it.

High Gain. Again with the H&K cab it sounded extremely good and can go all the way to high gain heaven. With the Mesa cab it sounded very muddy and really crappy. With the 2x12 it was pushing like it was a 4x12... It also adds noise to the mix. Not so much, but just enough to notice, but ok for the price range.

Like all H&K it is very nicely built and looks like you can hit the road with it. I had it only one day though.

Customer Support Excellent and very nice.

Liked about it - Wonderful cleans
- Looks really good
- bluesy crunches

Didn't like - hard to dial in
- very picky on cabs
- little noise in high gain

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Oct 27, 2009
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