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Ibanez TSA5 Combo Amp

The Ibanez TSA5 is a 5 watt all tube combo amplifier powered by a single 12AX7 preamp tube and a single 6V6 power tube with Celestion 10" "Tube Amp" speaker. It also has a genuine built in Tube Screamer circuit. It has a master volume control and a color control that are used either with or without the tubescreamer engaged. Controls specific to the tubescreamer are...

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Not a bad amp for the price.

Sound I purchased this amp new via online retailer for $225 (although they retail for $250). Some of the guitars I've used with this amp are my Gibson Melody Maker (1-single coil), Gibson Les Paul Jr (1-dogear P90), and my MIK Ibanez RG470 (HSH - Duncan designed detonators).

For starters, this amp is not very loud. It will in no way come close to being heard with a band unless mic'd. It does have the ability to be run thru a bigger cab but I can't comment on that as I haven't tried. Honestly, I have a Marshall MG15 practice amp that is twice as loud.

Cleans are nice but again very low volume so I engage the tube screamer and turn it all the way down for some added volume.

With the TS engaged you can get a wide variety of tones by tweaking the controls. If you turn the color all the way up the tubes really saturate. As far as the gain goes, it gets pretty good breakup and even pretty distorted when turned all the way up. It is by no means a "Metal" playing amp. At least not without the help of a different distortion pedal.

Overall I'm pleased with the amp. I've seen a few other reviews stating that by replacing the stock tubes, the amp really comes alive. As I've read this mod is a must but I haven't gotten around to it. If it were stolen I would probably replace it with something else. Maybe a Fender Super Champ X2.

Reliability Thus far it has been very reliable. I've had no issues with it since I purchased it new 2 months ago.

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it 3 things I liked about the amp. 1) Since I bought it strictly for home use, I like the fact that it is not very loud. 2) I like that the color and tone controls really give you the ability to drasticly change the tone of the amp. 3) The green / white color combo of the amp is really nice!

Didn't like 3 things I didn't like. 1) It would be nice to have had reverb. 2)There are better 5 watt tube amps out there within $50 of the price of this amp. 3) Would have been nice to come with stock tubes that are of higher quality than the Ruby brand it came with.

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By Sportrider24
Sep 07, 2012
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Price: $125 to $125
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The nicest clean sound in one of the most gorgeous looking amps

Sound For a 1x12" combo amp with such a beautiful warm big sound it has a very compact body. It is very beautiful to look at with great solid build quality and a very handsome looking cream coloured Tolex with plated steel corners and a nice green faceplate. The amp is very simple to use, its essentially got a Tubescreamer and a Boost switch in the pregain stage and a bass and treble control in the EQ section. The amp has an effects loop and a pentode triode setting at the back. With single coil pickups on a strat the best you can hope for is some warmish overdrive, very much what you would expect from a Tube Screamer pedal. With a hot humbucker such as Seymour Duncan Invaders I can get some decent heavy rock tones out of it. Think ACDC.

This amp really shines when you attach some extra pedals to it but first I should mention the clean sound. In my opinion the clean sound of this amp is sweeter, more crystal clear yet still warm than a Fender Twin Reverb. If you have not heard this you might scoff but do try it out in a back to back comparison. It has this almost ethereal quality to it.

Maybe because of the pristine nature of the clean tone it really shines with pedals. I have had it combined with an MI Audio, a TC Electronic Flashback and a Baby Boomer Reverb and with some Tubescreamer before it I managed to find some tones that I made me say wow. Think a menacing growl that rumbles like thunder.

What this amp does it does extremely well. For the money its tones are amazing if limited.

Reliability Never broken down but then I have not really used it much at all. I always had other really nice sounding amps that did not require the use of pedals so this one got to sit and do nothing.

Customer Support I had to have the handle replaced because of a manufacturing defect. Service was prompt and reliable and the issue was fixed.

Liked about it Cleans that remind me of springwater bubbbling in an icy brook in a beautiful mountain top. Great sound with pedals. Handsome looks.

Didn't like I wish it had more gain and a second channel. I might not have had to, regrettably, sell it. If I had the money I would keep it alongside its more well rounded replacement.

Overall satisfaction:

By snshami
Feb 25, 2013
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Price: $125 to $125
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at 1 stores

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