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JJ ECC803 S - 12AX7 Preamp Tube

Classic long plate European design with special grid plated by gold to reduce microphone interaction and noise.

Price: $8 to $17 at 2 stores
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An ok tube. featured

Sound I'm playing mainly rock/metal, with a variety of guitars and amps. I've tried this tube in my ADA MP-1, Marshall heads, 5150 heads and a 5150 Combo.

I've never been 100% happy with the sound of the JJ preamp tubes. They seem to lack any kind of character, and are somewhat bland as compared to some other tubes. Though, this might be a desirable trait depending on your amp. It can be used to tame excessive highs from some amps, and make them a little smoother sounding.

The have plenty of drive, and work well with distortion. They lack sparkle to me, and didn't have a lot of overtones happening at the drive levels I use. The fact that they seem almost neutral sounding tone-wise, can make them sound a little dark, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the sound you want, and/or the rest of your rig.

They just weren't the right tube for me, even though I do tend to end up using them once and a while, simply because they're so easy to find, I have a bunch of them already, and they're pretty cheap.

Reliability I'm not very comfortable with their reliability, as more than a couple have blown on me long before they should have died. A couple I've used have died as soon as I installed them, and I have seen them new, uninstalled, with the vacuum broken, and a nice white film on the inside of the tube.

Customer Support The guy at Eurotubes (the JJ distributor) seems to be an alright guy. He's helpful, and will definitely hook you up with the set you want/need if you talk to him about your needs. They've been ok in the past with returns as well.

Liked about it They're a decent tube, that seem somewhat neutral sounding, if not slightly dark. Easy to acquire, and fairly cheap.

Didn't like Reliability seems to be problematic. The same neutral sound that can be a positive, can also be pretty lackluster depending on your set up.

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By blackspy
Jul 08, 2010
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Price: $8 to $17
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