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Jet City JCA100 HDM Tube Guitar Amplifier

Designed by Soldano with pure power and versatility in mind, the JCA100 HDM offers incredibly bright clean tones as well as devastating distortion. The selectable wattage, 50 or 100 watts, allows you to get that extra headroom at a lower volume when required by the size of the venue. Powered by four 6L6 power tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes, the JCA100 HDM provides...

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Jet City 100HDM

Sound This thing is made for metal. It is based off of the Soldano slo100 amp and features 2 footswitchable channels. The clean is nothing to get to excited about, but that's definitely not why you would buy this amp. The Overdrive channel is what makes this amp, it has heaps of brutal distortion that can be tamed with the presence and depth controls and the standard 3 eq controls. i play mainly heavy metal (Pantera, Metallica etc) and this definitely does the job, the amp doesn't have any hiss or annoying 'Noise' either. and if it is too brutal for your neighbors, you can switch from 100 watts to 50 watts.

Reliability I haven't taken this thing to a gig yet, but i have moved house with it and i am definitely confident that i can depend on it when gigging.

Customer Support I bought the amp from straight from the Australian retailer for Jet City and they promised support if anything was to break down... but only time will tell if they live up to their promises.

Liked about it 1 - Brutal Distortion
2 - switchable from all tube 100 watt to 50 watt
3 - Depth and presence controls really shape your tone

Didn't like 1 - the clean channel is a little thin
2 - only the one distortion channel ( i don't mind but some people may like another channel for soloing, just buy a boost pedal)

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By PureMetal
Jul 29, 2011
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