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Jet City Amplification JCA20H and 112S Half Stack

JCA20H 20 watt amp head with 3 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 EL84 power tubes designed by Mike Soldano and the JCA112S 1x12 cabinet with a custom Eminence driver.

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Sound I play an Ibanez RG570, RG350, S320 and Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP, all stock. I'm a hobbyist and love to play classic rock and 80's metal and this amp is the best I've found for that. I spent a lot of time trying out all the various lunchbox tube amps looking for the right combination of things; great tone at a reasonable volume, great price and flexibility. This amp has all of those things.

I'll start with the clean, this is a single channel amp with a simple set up (gain, bass, mids, treble, master volume and presence) but it is surprisingly responsive to pick attack and guitar volume. If you set the gain around 1.5 and crank up the master you can get a nice, warm "blues" clean. It isn't pristine, there's some grit there, but it's not bad.

Where this amp really shines is when you crank up the gain. This is a rock n roll amp, pure and simple. I usually have my settings dialed in at gain 6-7, bass 5, mids 5.5, treble 6.5, master 3.5 and presence around 4. This gets me a really great 80's rock sound without bringing the walls down. Turning the master up to around 5 or 6 however really makes it blossom and takes it into wall shaking territory. Don't fool yourself, this 20 watts will get loud.

Tweaking the EQ a little will get you a fantastic woman tone and I'm doing it with crappy Ibanez Infinity pickups. The amp is warm and articulate without being muddy. Notes ring out without being brittle and harsh and it's got a great distortion that's natural not buzzy. Now, if you're looking for modern, super high gain, look elsewhere or get a good pedal in front to drive it and this can get you there which brings me to this... It loves pedals. Absolutely adores them.

Honestly, the price on these is just ridiculous right now. For the amount of awesome this amp brings it's a no brainer, buy one for yourself.

Jet City JCA20H Amplifier Head (video)

Reliability This thing is built like a tank. I've replaced the front baffle on both with a different color tolex (which Jet city offers on their website, another reason to love them) and the build quality is impressive. I'm not worried about reliability.

Customer Support I've never had a problem with mine but I've seen the company in action and have no fear that if I do need them, they'll take care of me. These guys stand behind their product.

Liked about it Tone is amazing, build quality and customer service are incredible and the price is just goofy for the amount of amp that you get.

Didn't like Would have liked a second channel for a little more flexibility.

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By Coopster
Jan 15, 2011
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