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Kustom Quad65DFX

With 65 watts of output power and one 12-inch Celestion™ speaker, the QUAD 65DFX combo is one of Kustom's most popular amplifier models. From shimmering clean tones to extra-thick distortion, the QUAD has what it takes to satisfy the most discriminating players. - - Features include two totally separate channels, each with two different preamp modes to nail a wide variety of clean and dirty sounds. Like the bigger QUAD100DFX, there are Bass, Middle and Treble controls for each channel. Eight 24-bit digital effects are also on-board, so you can add studio-quality Reverb, Echo, Chorus, Flanger and more. The cool thing is, no matter what style of music you play, you can dial up great tones fast with the QUAD 65DFX.

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Fantastic giggable compact solid state combo amp featured

Sound The Quad65DFX is a very capable amp, which sounds great at bedroom volumes, and rehearsal/gig volumes. It has 2 channels, both with dedicated 3 band EQ controls. The additions of the 8 effects is a welcome addition too.

The clean channel is capable of providing really lush clean tones, and it also seemed to take on pedals quite nicely. A "Bright" switch is also provided, but I preferred the tone with it turned off.

The dirty channel is capable of generating quite a bit of distortion, although it is not really "tight" as such. It sounds great for rock tones, but for high gain metal you would probably want to tighten it up a bit with an EQ or maybe the right overdrive to push it a bit more.

It also got a bit noisier with gain turned up and the boost engaged. If you liked the tones you could get soley from the amp you would probably also want a noise gate or similar to quieten down the amp in between notes.

I predominantly used the Quad65DFX with a distortion pedal on the clean channel, and later on with a Zoom G7.1ut running through the effects loop, bypassing the amps preamp section. Both setups gave me great rock and metal tones. I particularly think that the Quad65DFX is a fantastic amp for using a multi-effects and modeling processors. The power stage seemed to play quite nicely with them, and allowed for the amp models to really shine.

In this configuration with my Zoom G7.1ut I found that I could get tube like effect when rolling back my guitars volume to clean up the tone. Whilst it wasn't quite as good as a tube amp, it was quite comparable.

Kustom seemed to have done a great job of making a smallish amp very LOUD. This amp was quite capable of keeping up with a drummer both in rehearsal and gig situations. It didn't seem to lose too much of it's tone when turned right up like many solid state amps do.

The on-board effects are a nice touch, although a little limited with only a level control to adjust the volume. I did use the echo effect for one song my old band played to great effect.

Reliability Kustom have definitely built a very solid amp. The controls are nice and tight, and the cabinet seems nice and solid. I've had no issues with the amp in the years I have owned it.

Customer Support I have not needed to deal with Kustom or their local distributor.

Liked about it Very loud capable compact solid state combo amp.
* Clean channel was very nice and took distortion pedals nicely.
* Effects and modelling processors work really nicely through the effects loop

Didn't like Too much noise on the dirty channel with the gain right up.
* Effects could have been better with the addition of a second control to adjust speed/rate, etc.

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Mar 12, 2010
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