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Awesome electric guitar amp head handmade in Poland. 100W. Dual Master Volume control.

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Sound Hey, what you have here is one of the best electric guitar tube amp heads I've ever played. The LABOGA MR. HECTOR "DUO MASTER" MKII TUBE AMP HEAD is a 100W head handmade in Poland and specially designed for rock and metal guitarists who demand high-gain sounds.

Don't be confused, it's not a noisy dirty screaming machine. Its distortion is brilliant, balanced and very defined. This incredibly opens the range of music you can play with it. Inside a determined style, you can play heavy rhythms or perfectly defined shredding lead licks. Also, it has a really nice clean sound that allows you to play bluesy and jazzy tunes with a classic strat or vintage pickups.
But, the biggest thing here is the Dual Master Volume control. The head has two Master Volumes (1 and 2) , that you can switch between with the foot switch. It may seems silly, but that little thing is specially useful while playing guitar solos (where you usually need to be a bit louder to be heard properly), but also for changes between clean and distorted parts of songs, and even for sudden silences, turning down the Master 2 to 0. It's super, and something that I couldn't do with any pedal or booster in a standard volume multi-channel amp head.
Also, it's not a "hundred-knob-head" that you have to study the manual for a month or being an engineer to be able to set it up. It has the few controls you need to adjust your sound and a common EQ for clean and distorted channels. So it reduces a lot the time you have to spend on it when recording or in a soundcheck.

Reliability This particular tube head is becoming relatively popular and has gained a great reputation between players and bands in all Europe, and hopefully also in the US in a near future. The most important artists endorsing Laboga in this moments are Motorhead, Behemoth, Annihilator or Napalm Death, among a lot more artist of radically different styles.
I've personally been playing this head with my amateur Heavy Metal band for about two years now and I definitely love it! I think I'd buy it again if I had to. Specially if you compare the price to other similar-quality tube heads as Mesa Boogie's or Engl's. It's not a cheap head, but cheaper that the others mentioned.
Absolutely killer and pure sound!! Since I bought it, I've thrown away all my pedals and effects and I exclusively play directly plugged to this amp head. I don't need anything else! Absolute 5 star rating in all areas.
Standard finish is black tolex. Red, snakeskin and camouflage limited edition finishes are gorgeous but difficult to find...

Customer Support I never had to repair the amp head, and I hopefully won't in a near future if it works as up to now. Laboga is a small familiar polish company so I guess they have some resource limitations and not a big list of dealers, but their products are great. Nice web ( where they explain clearly what their products are all about, and where you can download all the characteristics, sound samples and all the instruction manuals. I only contacted them once about where to find an extra foot switch and a cover for my amp in my country, and they replied me very kind and efficiently with the address of one of their dealers here where I found what I was looking for.

Liked about it - Dual Master Volume control.
- Simple and Easy to use controls.
- Awesome sound.

Didn't like - Does not have a reverb control.
- Special finishes only in limited editions.
- Price (Still Expensive for me).

Overall satisfaction:

By crazyibanez
May 29, 2010
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