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Laney LC50 Featured

2 foot switchable channels, 50-watt class AB tube amplifier, 2 EL34 and 4 12AX7 tubes, foot switchable reverb, parallel effects loop

Price: $39 to $496 at 3 stores
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The Best Amp I've Used so Far featured

Sound The LC50II has really great-sounding cleans. Using an RG2550E with Breed Bridge and Air Norton neck pickups, I was able to get powerful rock cleans with the Breed alone, warm jazz with the Air Norton, and really nice and bright results with the split coil configs. This fact alone made me love the amp, especially because you could already build up great tones with such lovely clean sounds. Switching to the drive channel, I was pleasantly greeted by the "layered-sounding" natural overdrive of the amp, and after putting up with flat-sounding drive sounds from most SS amps, I found love at last. Running on lower settings, the amp gave me crunchy and bluesy drive sounds, but when turning the gain knob a bit more to the right, I got really big distortion tones perfect for 70's and early 80's riffing. While the amp was buzzing quite a bit, I'm sure it'll get fixed with some proper setup, but in the meantime, I'm really enjoying the tones I get from the thing.

I really loved the fact that it had an effects loop, especially since I use a multieffects unit for most of my tones. The amp's power sections warms up the tones from my effects unit considerably, giving it a really solid guitar sound. Running in front using a few standalone pedal models on the same unit, I got really pleasing results as well. Looks like I wouldn't need to buy any new gear for quite a time :P

Reliability I couldn't say a lot about it yet, especially since it's only been a few months since I got it.

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Liked about it 1. Great Cleans
2. Powerful Drive
3. Effects Loop

Didn't like 1. heavy (I bought wheeled platforms for my amps for moving them around the house)
2. tubes need periodic replacement (but then, even cars need periodic maintenance, right?) but I don't need to replace any tube yet
3. Slight noise on higher volumes and drive settings, but not super bothersome.

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By theapprentice
Dec 12, 2009
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Price: $39 to $496
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