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Laney LV300T

3 Channel 120 watt tube enabled combo with internal twin Celestion Super 65's.

Price: $269 to $269 at 2 stores
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Tube (very) Enabled! featured

Sound I mainly use my EVO /PAF Pro Ibanez and an Epiphone LP with this amp.
It has three (the drives share an EQ) separate foot switchable channels. The drive channels have an ECC83 preamp valve and a V-scoop button on each channel and the shared EQ has like a master V-scoop button that "drastically cuts out any mid frequencies present in the (either/or)drive giving you a modern aggressive lead tone."
Has an effects loop and 8 ohm speaker extension jack.
Clean channel- This amp has a really good clean IMO. I use a Boss ME6 (through the loop - 1st amp with an effects loop!!!) so I generally have either the eq and reverb or delay or both on all the time or some chorus. So my cleans are not really clean... Although I use the evo in single and also the middle with the ME 6 on bypass to see the amps sound and it was really nice, not to "twangy", remembering this is an amp with a RRP of around A$1k! It seems to stay clean with the volume cranked also, although I have not had it past half way much.

OD 1. Started off with the V scoop on and almost set up the same as the OD2. Sounded great, however I thought what will I need the OD2 for?? So I backed it all off and turned the V scoop off. Instant heavy blues, think dirty Clapton, or slightly cleaner KISS (ish). Smooth and sweet. Add some Bad Monkey and the Epi LP and Cold Gin sounded great and theres your 80's Sleaze Metal Blues ie Gunners, or Cinderella. Stomp on the MT-2 give the gain a bit of a tweak and the 80's were reborn! This Laney has a very good "generic" metal sound.

Over to OD 2 and V scooped great thrash sound. Obviously not your Cobra or Engl sound, but Metallica/ Megadeth riffs and almost exactly like KISS's UNHOLY. Certainly not death metal but, hey I don't play that! Very articulate, and doesn't sound harsh or grating like trying to get that sort of sound out of a smaller amp, it
is a little noisy though. Not really suited to gain boosting pedals, although a clean boost would go OK...
I am really happy with this amp, its "bag for your buck" factor is great!

Reliability I think this amp would handle gigging easily, although I have not personally done so, it has been carted around a fair bit af late for jams and such and is still in near perfect condition.

Customer Support N/A no problems.

Liked about it 3 Channels. FTW! Very versatile
Twin speakers give it a lot of head room. Extension speakers compatible, LOUD!!!
Lots of features a tube preamp, effects loop, reverb, v scoop plus the afore mentioned ones great value for money IMO. I had certain criteria to fill, with price being a major factor, but I am in remote mining company housing that is tiny, so size was also a big part, hence the combo.

Didn't like A little noisy on the drive 2 channel.
Flimsy footswitch pedal cable, have not had an issue but it seems to be a bit cheap. (I am a dual traded electrician).
The drive channels could have their own EQ, not a biggie but it would have been excellent.

Overall satisfaction:

Dec 24, 2009
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Price: $269 to $269
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