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Laney LV200

Guitar amp with a tube in the preamp. Celestion Speaker. &5 watts. Footswitch included

Price: $179 to $179 at 1 stores
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A Versatile Amp featured

Sound I'm using this amp with an Ibanez RG350ex, with stock pickups. I mainly play metal (thrash, prog). Stuff like Metallica, Megadeth, Opeth, Dream Theater, etc. This amp is REALLY versatile: you can get wonderful cleans and insane distortion from it. The amp comes with a useful footswith to change between channels and to turn reverb on and off.

The cleans are really amazing, it can't be explained with words. You just have to try it. And the distortion: this amp has 2 distortion channels. Drive 1 (or Channel 1) is perfect for everything between blues and prog rock, and maybe early heavy metal. It produces a nice crunch, good enough to play Dream Theater. I play mainly in this channel. Drive 2 (or Channel 2) is the "heavy metal" channel, it has enough gain to play Pantera. However, this channel is very noisy when the gain is higher than 6. You need a good guitar cable, and if you have a noise gate pedal or something like that, use it. I must say that many hardcore metal players won't like this amp's distortion (drive 2 sounds not too good to me, I don't even use it), but if you have a nice distortion pedal, then this could be the best amp for the price.

The tube in the preamp does its job really well. Distortion from Drive 1 is very crunchy and well-defined, not muddy at all. Remember that the tube only works when using distortion. But this doesn't mean the cleans are awful. Like I said before, I'm impressed with the clean sounds this amp can produce, I can even make my guitar sound like an acoustic one!

This amp has a special button which allows you to instantly scoop the mids a bit, giving you a more modern rock and metal sound. A nice feature fot those who like both 80's and today's metal.

Another nice feature is the reverb. There are 2 reverbs: one for cleans, and one for distortion. The one for cleans sounds great, I use it almost everytime I play in the clean channel. The distortion one sounds surprisingly nice too. I use it to emulate a delay pedal when playing "slow" solos, and it does that job very well.

One last note: it took me a lot of time to get the sound I was looking for. You have to experiment a lot with the EQ and the gain, but eventually you'll find the tone you're looking for with this amp.

Reliability I've had it for 4 months. No problems with it. If I had to gig, I would prefer to take a good multieffects pedal (boss gt-10, zoom g9.2tt, etc) and plug it directly into the PA. It's not very comfortable to move around with your guitar and your amp at the same time. However, I would take it to a small gig. But I still preffer multieffects pedals when playing live.

Customer Support I have never dealt with the company. If any problem appears, I would just take the amp to the store I bought it from.

Liked about it - Versatility
- Nice crunchs
- Wonderful cleans

Didn't like - "Drive 2" (Channel 2) is noisy and sounds not that good when gain is very high. Distortion and noise gate pedals are recommended.
- Independet EQ for Drive 1 and for Drive 2 could have been more useful. The fact that there is only one EQ band for both distortion channels is sometimes annoying.
- A bit heavy to be taken to band rehearsals, but no problem if you have a car.

Overall satisfaction:

By Mr. Killer
Nov 10, 2009
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Price: $179 to $179
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