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Laney TT100H Amplifier

The TT100H - a 100-watt head, featuring a completely new preamp. Three channels Clean, Crunch & Lead each feature independent three band EQ, volume, bright switch and reverb. The two gain channels feature a Modern Switch which gives you super smooth response whilst the Lead channel features an additional Xpand and boost switch. Xpand breathes life back into your tone a... - All footswitchable features on the TT50/100 amplifiers are fully MIDI switchable and each amp is equipped with MIDI in, MIDI thru & MIDI out 7 pin connections which support phantom power. The onboard MIDI can be used to switch external MIDI devices via the dedicated FS6 footswitch.

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Incredible british amp that's totally overlooked... great value

Sound I've heard A LOT of Marshalls over the years. Unless you go back to the glory days when Marshall amps didn't have much flexibility, I personally think that Laney has the best British sound. The modern era Marshalls just don't do anything for me. I'd stack up this TT100H against a JVM Marshall and choose the Laney any day of the week. This one has 3 fully independent channels (clean, crunch and high gain) with built-in reverb and effects loop. I couldn't get a sound I liked with this effects loop when I tried it, but that's fine because I prefer stomp boxes.

Channel 1 (clean) gives you what you'd expect from a British head. It's clean, but it ain't no fender. For my purposes the clean is passable. I set my treble at 8, middle at 4 and bass at 5 with channel volume at 7. I have the bright switch engaged on Channel 1. Channel 2 delivers a super tasty British crunch sound. I engage the bright switch on this channel and set the treble at 6.5, middle at 4 and bass at 7. The channel volume is on 7.5. Channel 3 is very versatile with 4 different mode buttons you can choose from (boost, bright, xpand and modern). I currently have the boost and xpand switches engaged, with treble at 7, middle at 4.5 and bass at 7. The channel volume is at 6.5. You can get a lot of different tones out of channel 3, but with the setting I'm using I get an aggressive rock solo sound with that classic British overtone. I set the amp's presence control to 4.5 and dial in reverb to taste.

In addition to sounding great, this amp has some really cool features. It's fully midi controllable (a feature that I wish were mandatory on modern multi-channel tube amps) and it also has a mute switch and damping switch. In addition, it's got a solo boost feature in the form of "Volume 2" that I love (something else that should be a mandatory feature in my opinion). When I want to add some British flavor to my sound, this is the amp I go for, period.

Reliability I bought mine used and have had it for about 3 years or so. It's seen dozens of gigs and countless rehearsals without any issues at all. I typically take a backup head simply because I have several amps it takes less time to get another amp from the car that it does to replace tubes. I'm actually still running the original stock tubes and they still sound great.

Customer Support Never had to contact Laney because the product is very well made.

Liked about it 1) Value - you can pick this thing up used for under $700 and it sold for around $1,700 new. It's worth every penny that a Marshall JVM sells for (perhaps the basis for their original price point), but you can pick 'em used for a song. Given how much more used Marshalls sell for I wouldn't think twice about buying another one of these if it were stolen.
2) Sound - I get the best British tones (to my ears) I've ever heard out of this amp. I like all the tones I get from it and it's definitely a go-to amp for me.
3) Features - this thing has just the right balance of features in my opinion. Everything you need, but nothing you don't. I went over the features above... it also includes a factory footswitch that's very well made and intuitive.

Didn't like The footswitch cable is my only gripe. It uses an old serial cable like for old serial ports on computers. It's not a big deal, just unusual compared to what most other footswitches use. Don't let that deter you though... this is an awesome amp!

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By djrjems
Jul 08, 2012
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