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Line6 Spider Valve 412VS-T

Line6 4x12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30s

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Line6 Cab to be had?

Sound Now this cab comes from Line6, a company not really having any reputation in building cabs and at a higher price point. But it is meant for the spider valve amps, so it is a more classy product one might think.
However lacking a spider valve, I hooked it up to my standard amp setup of a Carvin V3 and a Mesa DualRec to abuse the cab totally.
Again this cab is no lightweight and the wood construction also seems very solid, so I have high hopes for the sound, lets dig into it shall we?

Clean Section:
Playing it clean, the sound is very well defined and has a good amount of bass. I found myself ditching up some more presence and treble than I used to do, but then the sound was really really nice, almost with vintage qualities and the tube warmth was well defined the whole range.

So Crunch it up:
The cab stays with its nice vintage qualities and the crunch again is well defined. Again I did dial in a little more treble and cut back the bass a bit, but then I got some really nice Hendrix tones and even some nice Albert Collings sounds (diggin out my Telecaster...)

Now crank it up boy:
Whoops. This cab can move some air boys. Of course the V30s are not meant for the highest metal, but this does really well. The tones stay well defined and the cab seems to be so solid constructed, that the air really moves where it should. You get a little mush when you dial it in the "insane gain" category, but usually I do not go there.

Reliability It is really well built and solid (AND HEAVY!). Nice that it has rolls, because carrying around is NOT FUN.

Customer Support No dealings.

Liked about it + Sounds
+ Well built
+ Rolls!

Definitely a cab not only for Line6 enthusiasts. If you look for a reasonably priced cab with V30s.

Didn't like Nothing to report here.

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Jun 21, 2010
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