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Mesa standard cab for the rectifier series in 4x12 with V30s

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Mesa's Standard

Sound Now this is the standard top notch cab, or so Mesa says. Now lets dive into it.
Of course with my standard setup a Carvin V3 and for this cab the Mesa DualRec should do just fine...

Clean sounds:
The oversize of the cab seems to do the V30s really good. The cleans are well defined and vintage sounding, you almost think you are playing a 2x12 openback. Very well defined sounds and even Fender'ish tones are welcome here.

Crunch me baby:
Now the amount of pressure this cab can deal out, even at crunch levels is awesome. You have to lay in "aaahhhh" when you hear this. Every note is well defined and even for me usually not liking V30s in crunch, I have to say this really shines.

Gain is what I am meant for...
Oh yes it is. There is actually not much to write here. This cab is well built and the oversize combined with the V30s dishes out so much pressure and well defined articulation that this is as good as it gets people. Even insane gain can be handled by this cab and very well. How they tamed the V30s to not mush up the sound, I have no idea, but this sounds amazing.

Reliability This is a Mesa build and can prolly survive a tactical air strike.

Customer Support No dealings.

Liked about it + Sounds
+ Built
+ Versatile

Didn't like - while it is really good, it is really pricey...

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Jun 21, 2010
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