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Mesa Boogie TransAtlantic TA-15

Introducing the TransAtlantic TA-15, the new micro-dynamo from MESA Engineering?. While we may be the last to show at the lunchbox amp party, there is good reason for our stylishly late appearance? we saw another chance to redefine a genre. - - The TA-15 packs all the footswitchable performance ? including our patented MULTI-WATT? Channel Assignable Power ? found in our high-end full-size models and offers the most classic British and American sounds in a beautiful 12 3/8?W x 6 3/4?D x 5 7/8?H package that weighs only 12 pounds!

Price: $39 to $39 at 1 stores
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Is it a mesa? featured

Sound First of all a few details: It is a 2 channel setup basically with some tweaking options.
You can switch what tubes to use also altering wattage of the amp.
It features a 2 band EQ (treble, bass) on both channels. The clean(er) channel has a cut knob, while the lead channel has a gain knob.

Now first into clean (which is not what mesa is known for...):
I played it through a custom 2x12 cab with Eminence Tonker speakers and it was quite good. I was really satisfied and actually did not miss the mid knob. Dialing in sounds is quite easy and straight forward and it handles all guitars (telecaster, Les Paul and Jem) quite well, with good headroom until you crunch it up. You can pump it to a good crunch using a pedal of your liking and it stays true to the sound. Switching to Class A however did not do much for me. Not that it was bad, just not much different.

Lead sounds:
Now this is a different puppy. It cannot compare to the Dual Rectifier or most Mesas I know. Not that it sounds bad, but it is much more comparable to a Engl in my view. It has a much harsher attack, sounds a bit compressed compared to the Dual Recto. It can handle considerable gain however and won't break up to easily on you, even when pumping it with my Jem's Evos. You can even pump it with a Satchurator and it can handle the beating. The harsh and brutal sound is not my cup of tea, but for the more black/death metalists this is probably a good thing.
With a mid knob in the EQ you can probably do some wonders to this lead channel, I did not have the time to hook an EQ up...

Reliability It looks sturdy as all Mesas are.

Customer Support Always friendly.

Liked about it + Sturdy
+ Easy to use
+ Cheapest Mesa I found
+ Excellent clean sounds

Didn't like - Still a lot of money for a small amp
- I prefer the gain sounds of the small Orange (but whatever floats your boat)
- No mid adjustment

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Oct 05, 2011
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Price: $39 to $39
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