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Marshall 9100 Dual MonoBloc Power Amp Featured

This tube power amp is a dual monoblock construction with two 50 watt mono power amps in one weighty package.

Price: $56 to $999 at 3 stores
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This is truely a superb amplifier. featured

Sound I play an Ibanez RG 2620Prestige, UV777PBK, S series with Super distortion, an old Toothpaste Charvel with ToneZone and my Fender Strat with Duncan JB into a ADA MP1 3 Tube Mod(3TM) and a Alesis Quadraverb processor that ends up going into a 2 Peavey 2x12 cab in stereo. This power amp consists of two fully independent 50 watt blocs of power that provide all the punch and headroom you'll need. This amp consists of independent A/B voice switching which takes you from traditional to modern tube saturation as well as independent presence and gain control on each side. The impedance is switchable 8 & 16ohms, and you are able to link the power amps, although I feel there is no need as this amp is very loud. Naturally, power tubes saturate into a signal, and that is exactly what this amp does. Regardless of the tone you're attempting to achieve, beware that natural Marshall trademark tone will bleed into your signal (This is good!). This amp originally consists of 4 5881 Power Tubes and 2 ECC81 & 2 ECC83 preamp tubes. This is the older version of the new Marshall 50/50 EL34 Power Amp. This amp can be fitted with 6L6GC/WXT too with some bias tweak. For my case I fit it with Sovtek KT66 tubes and because the tube size is bigger on the side I have to do some modification on the rearrangement of the tube socket. So this amp is actually versatile in accepting three types of tubes 5881/6L6/KT66.

Reliability If you take care of it, it'll take care of you. I have never had to service the amp besides regular maintenance of tube wear and tear and been using it for 15years already. Marshall stands firm behind their products, the only trouble is they are way in Bletchley England, so find a good local amp repair shop! If you heed all warnings and take proper care of this amp, it will easily last a lifetime at the highest potential.

Customer Support I'm not so sure but I deal thru email with them once and they don't deal with customers direct. Marshall will refer you to a local dealer in your country.

Liked about it Versatile, just pick your own pre amp or a model base digital effects like in Digitech GNX series and plug it in. Clear in clean sounds, warm, crystal and loud when distorted. High bottom end. The front panel is made of glass with a Gold Marshall logo and you can see the tubes glowing inside. Incredible.

Didn't like It's built like a tank very heavy in weight and you have to slot it in a freight case to protect the outer casing.

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By Zepp3lin
Oct 21, 2009
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Price: $56 to $999
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