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Marshall JMP-1 MIDI Preamp

One of the original rackmount Valve MIDI Preamps, Marshall's offering endures the test of time.

Price: $350 to $423 at 2 stores
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A great alternative if you don't have $$$ for a JVM!! featured

Sound The JMP-1 was among the first rack-mount Valve MIDI preamps and, packed with features, is still a viable unit and still used by pro players. A recent Guitar Player magazine interview with Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard revealed that they both have been using the JMP-1 live for the last 10-14 years. That in itself has to say something. This is a MIDI-controlled four-channel preamp that is capable of dialing in everything from crystal cleans to heavy distortion. Enough patches on-board to store more than enough sounds, especially with the mixable effects loop. Also includes a "Bass Shift" switch that alters EQ frequencies to favor the lower end. Putting the JMP-1 in front of your amp opens you up to a new world of tonal possibilities, especially since you can run it into the front of your amp, or into the effects return if your amp has an effects loop. In my opinion, it sounds best with the other Marshall rack power amps such as the EL34 50/50. I've achieved the best sound (IMHO) with the Marshall EL84 20/20 rack power amp. Also has dedicated recording outputs, which I don't prefer the sound of.

Reliability I've had mine for over 15 years. Only problem I've ever had is the plastic ring around the headphone jack broke. Still works so never tried to replace it. I've changed out tubes and the preamp is solid.

Customer Support Marshall customer support has always been supportive--I did not have any problems with the JMP-1 but called them about another amp and the support was awesome.

Liked about it MIDI-controlled preamp!!!! (back in the 90's)
Four differently-voiced channels.
A ton of tone in a single rack space.

Didn't like Simulated outputs leave something to be desired.
Adjustment pots get a little "notchy" over the years of use.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Dec 22, 2009
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Price: $350 to $423
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at 2 stores

Marshall in a Single Rack Space

Sound Guitars Used: RG450 Evo in bridge, RG770 Liquifire/Crunch Lab, RG520qs, Strat knock off with tone zone in bridge, Jackson SL1. If you are looking for a 4 channel Marshall or you are tired of hauling around 2 or 3 different Marshall heads to get the tone you are looking for. This really covers the spectrum. With the new JVM I suppose the JMP-1 becomes a product for the rack guys. This thing covers it all from Modern to vintage JTM-45/plexi tones hot roded JCM800 etc. Paired with a good tube power amp you can't go wrong. I run mine with a Peavey Classic 50/50 power amp. I would like to hear it through a 9100 Marshall Mono bloc I think this would be a killer combo as well. I play in a 80's glam metal cover band so it does just that very nicely. For other projects I have worked on it seems to open doors. Check voodoo amps for mods that apparently open the tonal possibilities fair beyond stock.

Reliability I have ran this rig from the last 5 years and have never had any problems with it. I never have a back up.

Customer Support Never had to deal directly with Marshall

Liked about it Great 4 channel pre amp
Easy to program and midi map
Classic Marshall Tones

Didn't like Some of the front panel esthetics where cheap. Like the plastic input/headphone jack plates. I eventually changed my to metal onces they broke.

Overall satisfaction:

By cpallstar
Dec 11, 2010
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Price: $350 to $423
Compare Prices
at 2 stores

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