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Marshall JVM410H 100-Watt All-Valve Head

This is Marshall's flagship 100-Watt All-Valve amplifier head.

Price: $500 to $1552 at 10 stores
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I like the amp featured

Sound Clean: I find the clean to be very good. By direct comparison with a Diezel Einstein and a Peavey JSX this amp had the best clean. You get the clean of the circles intro with no problems. That was a struggle with the Diezel- just didn`t get that right with the clean tones of the Diezel. Besides that i find the clean warm sounding and very versatile. Really very good clean for a lot of applications. Has a much more vintage sound to it than the Diezel.

I played the amp with a Fender YJM Strat and a Ibanez JS1.

To be honest i am by far through all the applications of this amp, because there are about endless settings you can use with this amp. Is the amp noisy on OD1 and 2? Yes and no. This amp has A LOT of GAIN and more than you surely ever need. So with most amp it`s necessary to turn up the gain. Not so with this amp. And that is surely a mistake a lot of players do. If you turn the gain up all the way it gets noisy. But if you play with "moderate/normal" amounts of gain the noise from this amp is not worse than from any other amp.

So what kind of music can this amp do? i would say any. It`s a Marshall and it sounds like one. With one exception. Most Marshall`s i played need to be played at really high volumes to sound good. Not this one. It sounds very good at bedroom volumes. You can get anything form Blues to a good metal tone. Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, Andy Timmons, Vai, SRV, Malmsteen,... it is in there. It is surely not that you will get exactly the same sound as these artists. That is clearly not possible. Just be aware of the gear some of these artists use to get their sound. Bonamassa uses a Van Welden, together with a Silver Jubilee, a Category 5 or a Bogner XTC and a Two Rock or a Carol Ann. So that should be clear that you cannot emulate that sound with only a JVM. But the JVM is a quite good substitute for the Silver Jubilee. But you will get in the same ballpark as all of these artists with this amp and the right guitar and maybe some effects, no question.

No to the FX: I will not comment on this one so far. Tried my Satchurator and i most say i am not especially impressed. But i don`t know if that is due to the pedal or the loop. As i said i have to check that out a little further.

To the overall OD sound: It has a very Marshallish character. I prefer this amp to a lot of other amps out there. It`s the only amp standing at my place so far and will soon be supplemeted by a Bogner XTC. I found it to be better suited for my taste than the Diezel- more organic, warm tone. I won`t compare it to the Peavey but i am not a friend of signature amps anymore even if the Peavey JSX is a very good amp.

Is it the end of all amps? Havn`t heard a better amp in this price range so far. If you want a Marshall tone this or the Vintage Marshall are surely good choices.

Reliability Heard and read a lot about poor build quality. This is what makes me a little bit worried with regard to this amp. But so far it works just fine after about 9 month.

Customer Support No opinion.

Liked about it 1. Versatility.
2. Price.
3. Gives a Marshall tone at any volume.

Didn't like 1. I am a little bit worried about the build quality.
2. I have played it at high volume too but cannot comment on that because i didn`t adapt the settings and if you do not do that the amp sounds muddy.
3. It`s not a 5 that would be reserved to a Bogner XTC or a Carol Ann or a Two Rock.
4. I am planning to do some sound clips in the near future. Here is my You tube site:
Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Overall satisfaction:

By SimpleMind
Apr 18, 2010
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Price: $500 to $1552
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at 10 stores

Not my breed of amp featured

Sound Unlike the previous reviewer I did not find my sound with this beast.
I tested the amp for 2 days with the following guitars: JS1200, 7vwh, 77vbk, Les Paul Std, Stratocaster American Std, G&L Telecaster.
While I agree that the orange sounds are the most usable, as soon as you add crunch or even high gain it gets to muddy for my taste. (Did use the Marshall 4x12 and a Mesa Rec 4x12 and a Custom 2x12 with Jensen)
Also this amp adds A LOT of noise. With high gain sounds compared to my other tube heads it goes very noisy even when the guitar volume is down to zero.
The clean sounds are also very un-Marshallish and do never get in any direction that I would define useful.
I compared it also to a vintage Marshall and it did not even come close to that sounds.
I my opinion this amp is very unlike a Marshall amp and sounds very muddy with gain with low quality clean sounds.
I see that many people tend to like this amp and would not rule out that I got a lemmon here for testing. But I can only judge the product I got for testing and this unit was very poor.

Reliability Had it only for 2 days, but built was quite OK.

Customer Support Marshall support tends to be mediocre.

Liked about it - Built of the unit looked good
- Looks
- Lots of choices

Didn't like - Sounds
- Cleans
- Lots of Noise

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Oct 27, 2009
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Price: $500 to $1552
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at 10 stores

Quite possibly the best non-boutique all-in-one am featured

Sound Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I have a wide variety of guitars--my main guitars are Ibanez RGs with Dimarzio Super 3 Bridge and various middle/neck combinations. This is basically every Marshall head sound you've ever heard in a single MIDI-switchable head. There are four channels that have three modes each, giving a total of twelve different sounds. Each channel has a green, orange, and red mode. The green modes are
characteristically the brighter, cleaner modes. The red modes are the highest gain and contain the most bass. The orange modes are in-between and are what I find to be the most useable of the sounds. Nice mid push with compression and tons of crunch. Pure Marshall here... The factory footswitch is extremely flexible, although I don't use it because I use the on-board MIDI to control the amp, which is great--you can switch channels, control the effects loop, turn reverb on/off, and switch master volumes all without tap-dancing. I've heard
others say that the OD2 channel sounds a little "transistor-like" at higher volumes, but I haven't experienced this. I changed out all the ECC83 valves with Mullard re-issue valves and it brought out much more of the "Marshall-esque" character of the amp. The green mode on the clean channel takes after the Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MK II and works in pure Class A mode with only the Volume knob working--the higher you turn it, the
more it breaks up. This amp produces everything from crystal-clean to all-out punishing distortion on the OD2/Red mode. If you can't get a good sound out of this amp, you may want to consider playing drums... Extra Presence and Resonance controls allow you to further fine-tune your sound at the power stage. Effects loop settings in/out are remembered with each channel's settings as well.

Reliability Never had a problem with it--rock-solid. I would gig it without a backup and I've seen professionals use them on-stage.

Customer Support Never had to deal with Marshall customer support.

Liked about it MIDI-switchable!
12 different tonal possibilities
Presence and Resonance controls for further tone-shaping at the power tube stage.

Didn't like Stock tubes don't sound as good as Mullard re-issues.
Effects loop is difficult to configure between parallel/series mode--not very well-explained.
Tons of after-market mods may imply that Marshall cut corners on components. You be the judge.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Oct 19, 2009
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Price: $500 to $1552
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at 10 stores

Not the sound I expected.

Sound Ok I admit, Its a nice sounding amp and all but imo it just does not stand out. I mean it sounds a but flat in my opinion, im not sure. The clean channel is excellent no doubt, but the overdrive channel is just not my slice of cake. Maybe its just me, I mean the lead tones just bit.

The first time I pluged in I almost thought it was a modeling amp. the tone sounded and felt flat, Muddy high end and mid highs, and muddy mid to mid-lows. It was a dull experience.

I guess its good for hardrockers,and blues players, but not sure if shredder will appreciate this plus the price on this amp is nuts for how it sounds in my opinion.

Reliability N/A

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it This amp has alright for solid rock and blues
Clean tones sound great
The Channels have Channels XD (Crunch,Overdrive, know what I mean)

Didn't like The weak tones
The price
The feel
The Muddiness

Not a bad amp at all, but just not my cup of tea.....wait I dont even drink tea! But I do drink Iced Tea hmmmmm.....

Overall satisfaction:

By Aires
Apr 22, 2012
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Price: $500 to $1552
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at 10 stores

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