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Marshall MG30DFX

This is a 30 watt solid state amplifier and has two channels. clean and overdrive. 3 knobs for clean chanel and 5 knobs for overdrive. also it has two extra knobs for the effects. -

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Sound The clean channel is really cool. and I love it. I use a js1200 and when I connect the guitar to this amp in the clean channel I have a really good sustain and tone. but when I switch to the overdrive channel I cant find my favorite tones in this channel. I think this is in the nature of all solid state amp that they can't produce a nice distorted tone and I don't expect from this amp to produce such a cool tone.

For overcoming this problem I use effects. one noss ds-1 and a boss DR-880 rhythm machine. and then I push the output of these effects to the clean channel.

This amp has 2 knobs for adding some effects to the signal. one for effect type and parameter and the other is the the percentage of the effect of the effect.

When you turn the first knob it move on a circle which is divided to 4 parts. and each quarter is assigned for a specific effect(reverb, delay, chorus and flanger respectively). so at a moment you can have only one of the effects and you cant make an effect line and merge them. and this is one of the weaknesses. but I allways use the reverb and I make the other effects with my DR-880.

Reliability As I said before the clean channel is perfect and I have not any problem with that. but in the overdrive channel sometimes during the playing, the volume of the song decrease suddenly and if you turn the volume knob even to the 10 degree, you have not any thing. but if after this problem you turn off the amp and again turn it on it is ok and you can play again. (be careful when you want to turn on the amp the volume knob should be low otherwise booom!!!) . I don't know why this problem occurs, but most of time when I push the fdd switch I have this problem more than the normal condition.

Liked about it 1- Clean channel
2- very very loud for its size!
3- CD in jack for playing the backing sounds(drums and base). I also connect my rhythm machine to this jack for producing the (drums and base sound).
this amp do not add the internal effect to the cd-in signal and do not amplify it and only play that signal and this is so useful because you can change your guitar sound without changing the background sound. and when you want to change your background sound you can do it with your rhythm machine.

Didn't like 1- have not a wide range for distorted sounds
2- decreasing the volume suddenly during the performance!!
3- can not using all of its effects simultaneously

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By uprockingbeats
May 06, 2010
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A very good amp for home use

Sound I use this amp at home with different guitars, Ibanez, Jackson and Yamaha. The latter a semi acoustic but that doesn't stop this amp from giving a reasonably good sound.
The features are many. Let's start with what you can plug in:
Four Jack inputs is placed on the front. Input, foot switch (sold separately), cd in and emulated line out/head phones.
As for channels you can choose between clean and overdrive/distortion. The clean channel has three knobs; Volume, Bass and Treble. The OD channel has those three but also Gain and Contour.
Then the built in effects. One knob let's you choose between Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flanger while the second knob controls the level of the chosen effect. Two push buttons is placed on the front as well, the chanel selector on the on/off switch for the effects.
Being a solid state you get good sound also on low volumes. The clean sound is great and the overdrive is also quite good. But unlike a valve amp it doesn't get better when you really crank it up.
I've tried this amp in my bands rehearsal room to see how it competes with valve stacks and a loud drummer. Even mic'ed up it struggled, but it had the odds against it. This amp is designed for home use and it does a quite good job.

Reliability My amp has been very reliable, no problems at all. I bought this to replace a Peavey Bandit it to my ears this is a better amp.
It's not loud enough to come with me to gigs, but I might consider bringing it to a studio for certain parts (clean).

Customer Support Not dealt with.

Liked about it - Very good sounds from both channels, even at low volumes.
- A proper powerhouse for it's size.
- The built-in reverb is better than what I've heard in most stomp pedals.

Didn't like - The volume knob is very sensitive at low settings.
- The built in effects can not be mixed together.
- Would have loved to get the foot switch included, but hey...

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Sep 04, 2010
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