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Marshall MG100DFX Combo

100 watt RMS solid-state guitar amplifier combo with 1x12" custom Eminence speaker. 2 channels, each with two modes: Clean/Crunch and OD1/OD2. Separate EQ for each channel. Parallel FX loop with level mix control. Built-in digital reverb and effects. Master volume. Frequenct Dependent Dampening (FDD) switch.

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Amazing Amp For The Price

Sound I mainly play high gain stuff lately, with pedals ahead of the amp. I play many 7 strings, some 8, and they all sound GREAT on this amp. The low is low, the high is high, and it's a great balance. One of the "special" features on this amp is that it has built in effects, controlled by a footswitch. These effects consist of delay, flanged, chorus, and a few combos of those effects.

Reliability Solid state amp, heavy duty, and very sturdy. I have actually dropped the head, and everything wad fine. I wouldn't bring a backup.

Liked about it I liked the effects
The clean channel was beautiful and balanced.
If you run a distortion pedal into this amp, the gain is perfect.

Didn't like I don't like the feedback you get if you turn it up too loud.
It's very heavy
It doesn't have amazing gain, but if u get a pedal you'll be as happy as ever.

Overall satisfaction:

By Bryancap77
Jun 06, 2011
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Genuine Marshall Growl, Just Don't Look For Tubes

Sound The amp has a warm but spiky character with strong bass, slightly scooped mids and slightly icepick highs if overdone. Cleans are nice and full, and drives are adequate for a lot of playing styles.

Volume is plenty by itself, and cranking the amp can be tinnitus-inducing if you go too far. Playing with a full band, though, requires you to turn the volume up higher than usual, which is usually fine. With the amp used in this volume, and especially with the right pedals and guitar, the growl of a true Marshall amp can be heard, although not as delightful a voice as its tube brothers. Volume is my greatest issue though, and this amp has it in spades.

As you may notice with my writing I'm not exactly thrilled by the amp, however, for what it is it performs well. It amplifies my guitar signal aptly, and the coloration is quite pleasant most of the time, especially with well-tweaked settings. Usually I use it as a springboard for my beloved RP500 and the sound that issues forth from this combination never fails to please my ears.

Reliability It has the occasional input jack loosening, but after the second time I had to send it to the distributor for repairs I figured I'd do the fixing myself, and so I did by fabricating a spring-loaded input jack contacts holder. Other than this the amp has been relatively trouble-free these past 4 years.

Customer Support I simply call the distributor for assistance, and they entertain my questions and requests well regarding the amp.

Liked about it 1. loud
2. has the characteristic Marshall growl (minus tube warmth)
3. reliable

Didn't like at louder settings it does get bad-sounding, but not as much as most people claim.

Overall satisfaction:

By theapprentice
Feb 11, 2011
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