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Marshall MS2 Featured

Have Axe and Amp - Will Travel! - Now you can roam wherever you wish without having to sacrifice your treasured Marshall tone. - - The MS-2 is the ultimate in portable battery/mains adaptor operated micro amps, packing a full 1 Watt of Marshall tone into a tiny case measuring just 14 x 11 x 6cm. This mighty micro Marshall half-stack has switchable Clean and Overdrive modes. A single Tone control provides full focus of bass to treble.

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Anyone can afford a Marshall stack! featured

Sound The Marshall MS-2 is a basic 1 watt battery powered mini practice amp. It comes with a basic 3 control layout consisting of Volume, Tone, and Clean/OD switch.

The speaker is a diminutive 2 or so inches in diameter, so you cannot expect classic, boutique tones. One would also expect it to be a fairly quiet amp, but I can tell you the MS-2 is quite capable of making a racket. Sure, you probably wont bother the neighbours too much with it, but you could find your significant other/room-mate/parents telling you to "Turn it DOWN!"

In saying this, my soul purpose of buying the MS-2 was to have an amp that I could play my guitar anywhere in the house without waking my then newborn son. While he was asleep I could take a guitar, lead and this amp out to the lounge room and quietly jam without annoying or waking up anyone.

Problem with the MS-2 is if you want any sort of crunch or grit you have to turn the amp up quite loud. It kind of acts like an old Marshall with no master volume, where you have to turn it right up to get some dirt. This was no good for me, but I did find that the MS-2 handled distortion pedals quite well. Again, it is no where near boutique tone, but definitely passable.

I found a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone quite useful with the Marshall MS-2 as it gave me a lot more control over the tone. I could dial in some pretty sweet rock and metal tones with relative ease.

You can't really expect amazing tones out of the Marshall MS-2, that's not what it was built for. It is however a great little practice amp that you can easily take anywhere. Take it around the house (it does have a belt clip), or throw it in your gig bag or guitar case if you absolutely have to take a guitar and amp away on a trip. Just don't expect crunch and dirt at a low volume without pedal assistance.

Reliability The MS-2's electronics are housed in a fairly sturdy plastic case. It looks quite tough, so travelling with it shouldn't pose too much of a threat.

The battery life seems to be fairly reasonable too. I've only replaced the battery once, and I've had the amp about 1 1/2 years.

It really is a case of "you get what you pay for", so you cannot really expect too much from it.

Customer Support I've not dealt with Marshall's customer support.

Liked about it Tiny package and cheap price.
* Reasonable tone.
* Great mini-stack looks (mine's red).

Didn't like Still have to turn it up quite loud to get any reasonable overdrive
* High and low tone controls could have been nice

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Feb 24, 2010
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Price: $2 to $31
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Little and loud

Sound The Marshall MS-2 is a portable 1 watt guitar amp with belt clip, external power in, battery compartment, jack in, headphones out and three knobs; On/off, Gain and Tone.

It looks like a classic Marshall half-stack and it will give you attention regardless if you use it as guitar room decoration or as a traveling amp.

The sound is not your average Marshall sound but it gives a reasonable good overdrive when cranked a bit.

The gain knob goes from quite clean to a good crunch, but the full on distortion can't be had unless you crank up the volume. The downside of this is that this is a loud amp for its size and you're unlikely to find your sweet spot in a bedroom level.

The Tone knob goes from bass to treble without offering a big spectrum. Like with the gain, the tone offers more flexibility when the volume is cranked.

If you're after a bit more flexibility in tone and gain, look no further than the big brother MS-4 (full-stack version of the MS-2).

Reliability My first MS-2 lasted me over 10 years, but it's obviously not an amp you bring to gigs or band rehearsals. It is however small enough to go in a guitar case and is ideal for warming up backstage before a gig or for bringing to the park. Just make sure you have a spare battery as it is a power hungry amp.
The MS-2 comes in black, red and classic and are great guitar room decor's as well as fun guitarist toys.

Customer Support Marshall has a good customer service. Always helpful and knowledgeable.

Liked about it - Good amp for it's size
- Loud
- Attention-getter. The MS-2 is like fly paper to fellow guitar players.

Didn't like - Expensive for its size and features.
- Hard to get a good distorted sound at low volume levels.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Jun 18, 2012
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Price: $2 to $31
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Mighty Mini Marshall

Sound The Marshall MS-2 is powered by battery or optional adapter. This mighty little Marshall is 1 Watt. Switchable Clean and Overdrive modes. Single tone control for bass and treble. Good clean tones and ok distorted tone.

You need to crank it kind of loud to get an ok distortion out of it. The amp sounds the best when the batteries are going dead. The tone gets really saturated and distorted. This is when the amp sounds like a real Marshall head! A distortion pedal really helps get a good distorted tone out of this amp. A great little amp you can throw in your case and take anywhere.

Reliability This little amp is well built. I have had mine a few years and nothing has broke on it. I wouldn't use it for gigs. It is great for jamming on your couch, taking with you camping, or warming up backstage at gigs. With fresh batteries you will get about 2 hours of play time.

Customer Support Never dealt with.

Liked about it Looks



Didn't like Not enough distortion

Power adaptor should be included

Overall satisfaction:

By javashred
Aug 15, 2012
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Price: $2 to $31
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at 10 stores

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