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Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne 1x12 combo

90/45 watt 1x12 combo

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Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne 1x12 Combo featured

Sound Guitar used with the ED include MM Axis Super Sport with humbucker and one with P90s, MM JP6, Warmoth strat with vintage noiseless pickups. In addition I use a boss GT-10 for effects using the 4-cable method. A maxon OD808 is used on occasion for a boost as well as various pedals. I typically play classic rock type of music. This amp is not really for heavy stuff although it will take pedals very well and can so some heavy stuff with a boost. There have been some reports of noise that have been fixed with new tubes. Overall the amp is not noisy at all. It is not Rivera quiet but nothing out of the ordinary for a tube amp. OK, this amp is so so simple to use and has nothing but great sound. One channel with different gain stages and one set of EQ controls. Being a plug and play kinda guy, this is wonderful. The clean channel can be made to stay really clean or have some edge or hair to the sound. I typically keep the clean channel full but not distorted. The next two gain stages have a nice distortion and then a boost. I will call them channels for sake of description. Channel two is wonderfully versatile. It has a nice hot Marshall character with some boogie influence. It cleans up nicely and if you like using the volume knob on your guitar, this is the channel for you. If you go to channel three is has more gain and maybe a little more volume. Very nice. Does not clean up as well but super usable. Reverb is great. It can be set to bypass, or low mode defeat, high mode defeat. Probably the best reverb I have heard on a boogie. Also foot switchable. (sold extra) Effects loop is serial so you can use what effects you want. There is a trim switch that can be set to clean or high/low. I set mine for clean so I can use more distortion and not have a volume jump with the clean channel. I love the stock 6L6s. You can hit a switch on the rear and change to EL34. Haven't tried them so cannot comment. Amp comes with casters which is good since it is really heavy. It is also loud. Even in 45 watt mode the thing can cause deafness. Built like a tank. Great looking amp. Mine is black but you can get tan also. I am not a boogie fan. I hear players all the time that get a great boogie sound but I cannot. This is the first boogie I have liked and I actually love it. Gets a killer classic rock sound and with a boost or distortion pedal you can do metal.. It is just a simple great sounding well built amp.

Reliability Have only had it six months. No problems but too little time to tell. It is built like a tank so I do not expect any problems.

Customer Support Never called

Liked about it Great Sound out of all three modes, especially clean and low gain.
So easy to use, a very plug and play amp.
Takes pedals very well.
Great sounding reverb.

Didn't like It would be nice to have a effects loop control like the reverb switch.

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By Assumer
Mar 10, 2010
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