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Mesa Boogie Mark IV Featured

Mesa Boogie Mark IV Guitar Amplifier

Price: $14 to $92 at 7 stores
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Mesa Boogie Mark IV

Sound I play through an Ibanez J-Custom, Ibanez PGM301, schecter hellraiser C-7, and schecter blackjack ATX.
The Mark IV is a very versatile amp which is perfect for the style i play (Prog-metal). The amp stays relatively quiet even at high gain levels. This quietness is further helped through the fact that I use an ISP decimator pedal to suppress any extra noise. The amp's distortion is very "brutal" the mark IV has its own very distinct distortion tone. It has often been compared to the Mesa Dual Rectifier. Some prefer the dual rectifier which is fair enough, but the interesting thing to take into account is that the mesa mark IV can do a mark IV tone AND a dual rectifier tone, whilst the dual rectifier can not do a mark IV tone.

Reliability The amp is very reliable. It's functions have never failed on me for the several months I have had it.

Customer Support - Have not used.

Liked about it 1) Extremely Versatile
2) Multiple channels
3) Sounds great

Didn't like 1) Gain isn't as saturated as say a Peavey 5150/6505, but that can be a good thing.

Overall satisfaction:

By Arterial
Aug 08, 2010
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Price: $14 to $92
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at 7 stores

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