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Mesa/Boogie Nomad 55 2x12 Combo Amplifier

55 Watts, Class A/B Power / 2x6L6, 5x12AX7 - - Bias Select Switch (6L6/EL34) - - 3 Fully Independent Channels w/6 Modes (Channel 1=Clean or Pushed, Channel 2=Vintage or Modern Gain and Channel 3=Modern or Vintage Gain) - - Independent Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb and Master Controls per Channel - - Spring Reverb - - Output Level Control (over all channels) - - Solo Level Control - - Parallel FX Loop w/Mix Control - - Recording / Headphone Out - - Silent Record Mute Switch - - Slave Out - - 5 Button Footswitch (Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3, Reverb & Solo) - - Slip Cover

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Killer combo... the boogie that started the 3 channel with solo boost craze

Sound I bought this amp brand new in 2002 from Guitar Center and have loved it ever since. This open back 55 watt combo is loaded with 2 6L6 power tubes so it does clean sounds very well. It's also very capable of loads of great crunch and high gain tones too. The architecture is 3 independent channels (each with mode switches), built in spring reverb and parallel effects loop. It also has the solo boost feature that's controllable from the footswitch.

I set mine up with all the mode switches in the "normal" positions, but I've experimented with them lots over the years and have enjoyed every sound I get from this beast. It leaves tons of room for experimentation and it's hard to get a bad tone from this amp. I play in a power trio so I need a wide variety of tones from my amps. I play MIJ Ibanez RG variants (e.g. sig models, J-Customs, prestiges, etc.) loaded with DiMarzios.

Channel 1 I have set up as my clean channel with the gain at 11:30, master at 12:30, presence at 11:00, treble at 1:00, mid at 10:30 and bass at 12:30. Channel 2 is crunch with gain at 9:00, master at 2:00, presence at Noon, treble at 1:30, mid at 10:30 and bass at 1:30. Channel 3 is my high gain channel with gain at 11:00, master at 1:30, presence at 10:00, treble at 12:30, mid at 10:30 and bass at 2:30.

I can't say enough about how versatile and great sounding this amp is. You can pick these up used for around $700 - $800 which is a lot of amp for the money. I will say that having tried both the 45w and the 100w version of this the 55w is definitely the sweet spot.

Reliability This amp has been very reliable. I've had it for ten years and it's been to countless gigs, rehearsals and studio sessions. The only two issues I've had with it were the reverb tank went out on me (ordered a new one from accutronics and was able to install it myself) and the leather handle wore out (ordered a replacement from mojotone and installed it myself). Considering how much I've put this amp through I consider it to be very reliable/durable.

Customer Support I actually called Mesa/Boogie when I was installing the replacement reverb tank just to be sure I was hooking it up right. They put me on hold for a minute or so and got an actual tech from the shop to walk me through it. He stayed on the phone with me until I tested it out to be sure everything was right. Awesome customer support!

Liked about it 1) Sound - I can get all kinds of tones out of this thing and they're all good, period.
2) Features - shortly after the Nomad series came out Mesa debuted the 3 channel rectifier series amps with solo boost. This one started it all. It's got everything you need and nothing you don't.
3) Quality - I've never had this amp in the shop after a solid decade of giving it hell. A GREAT product.

Didn't like It's really heavy... but then again, most things worth listening to are :)

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By djrjems
Jul 08, 2012
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