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Orange Crush Pix 35 LDX Guitar Amplifier

The Orange Crush Pix 35LDX is a 35-watt closed cab solid state combo with reverb, tuner and 16 built-in digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and vibrato presets. The Orange Crush PiX 35LDX guitar combo also boasts a headphone jack, reverb, low, mid, high, master, distortion gain, distortion / clean switch, volume. - - Perfect for rehearsal or smaller gigs. The Orange Crush PiX combos combine portability with solid Orange construction and durability.

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Ist it Orange? featured

Sound From the looks it is definitely. It looks like a real orange in the trademark design, nice vintage knobs and even the build in effects are subtle hidden behind such a knob. Easy to use too, since you only dial in the effect you want and crank one knob to tune it.

But let's get to sound.

Now this is a solid state amp, no glorified super switch will change that. So yes you will get a more compressed tone, some harmonics intonate differently and the drive is not as creamy as with tubes.
However I am rather impressed what Orange did there.
There is much more overtones that what I am used to in transistor amps, the clean sounds are warmer also and quite nice. You even can get some clinging twang for you country solo here, thanks to the good working 3 band EQ.
Drive it up and you get a nice crunch tone. While it is not as creamy as the Orange tube amps, it is definately Orange and you get the Orange crunch feel here. Even the harmonics start to bling through. Very nice indeed.
Now dial up the overdrive and you get a real nice lead tone with huge amounts of gain. While you do not have the extreme dynamics that some tube amps might give you, this can easily be compared to high end distortion pedals like the satchurator. You can even dial in some sounds that sound very close to a good satch tone. Utilize the EQ with care and you can actually forget that there are no tubes in there. I am very impressed here.

Now let's talk effects. Many try to built in effects in such an amp and most fail in quality, not so the Orange. Of course the effects are not on the high end studio level, but are on par with the better known stomp boxes out there. Of course you are a bit lacking in what you can do, due to only one knob (effects level) changing the effect, but it is sufficient for most of the usual things and those are produced in very good quality with minimal hiss.

I am actually a bit sad, that I only had this amp a day, as it sold so quickly. This is by far one of the best solid state amps I had the chance to play and is highly recommendable if you are looking for a solid state that will come close to tube performance.

Reliability While I had it only for a day, it looks really well built and is inside the usual Orange case, which has proven to be excellent on the road.

Customer Support No dealings.

Liked about it + Sounds
+ Effects
+ Bang for the buck
+ Harmonics
+ Orange Feel

Didn't like Hmm now I cannot really find a thing...
But please be advised: I rate this amp in its category, which is: Solid State Amps. In this category it shines, but when it comes to tube dynamics even the Orange Tiny Terror will outperform this fella.

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Oct 06, 2011
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