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Orange Tiny Terror Featured

Versatile small pratice and studio amp, all tube design.

Price: $24 to $421 at 14 stores
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Classic Orange sound for a much lower price! featured

Sound If you are anything like me and attracted to the dry, crunchy, and unique tones that only Orange can produce, but can't shell out the big bucks for a Rockerverb or AD series Twin Channel - then the Tiny Terror 15 watt lunchbox may be your answer (sure was for me!) From classic Hendrix tones, to high gain Sabbath and the unique intricate sound of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta); The Tiny Terror's EL84 powered simplicity has them all and more.

It's small stature can fool you at first. Having only 3 knobs for volume, tone (an incredibly full bandpass EQ), and gain (also incredibly powerful), you can conjure a huge selection of creamy smooth classic tones from the 60's that are altogether clean, or edge the gain (or volume) knob ever so slightly more for just a hint of beautiful Orange flavored breakup (that remains wonderfully tube and touch sensative!). With single coils you get a slew of great Hendrix-ish sounds; very dry but chimey and full of life and articulation. Push the tone forward for...well...more tone! Increase the gain for...MORE GAIN! It's not a modern gain, it's a very vintage fuzz style gain, which with humbuckers makes for great stoner style rocking, but can also be dialed in for a modern sound as well (with the tone and gain at around 3 o'clock).

A 7/15 watt switch allows you to run the power section at half power and class A as well. In 7 watt mode, the amp sounds more saturated and sweeter, but in 15 watt mode everything is louder and has less breakup with more headroom. Another way you can command gain from the amp is to turn the gain down and drive the EL84's with the volume knob (plexi style) which generates another altogether different style of gain! This makes the Tiny Terror sound more crunchy and buttery, and with the tone knob near 12 o'clock has a very Steppenwolf sound, but cleans up into jazz territory with the volume knob! The the amp in full swing, the 15 watts of power is very very loud, and driving a 2x12 is more than enough for a practice, but would need to be mic'd for serious gigging.

Reliability So far, i've owned if for about a month and while I haven't gigged it, seems to be reliable. I played with tube changes to see how it would affect the sound and came out with some decent results. This little lunchbox is 3 knobs full of TONE and surprises and i'm sure is going to serve me well for a very long time!

Customer Support I haven't had to deal with Orange UK on a personal level, but when I ordered stuff from their distibutors, they were friendly enough.

Liked about it 1) GREAT tones from 3 simple knobs!
2) Small package; easy to transport.
3) Pretty versatile.

Didn't like 1) Only a tone knob; no independent EQ
2) Not in a head shell; this is the first "lunchbox" amp of it's kind - they should have put it in a shell.

No real complaints otherwise; not big enough for a reverb tank, and a buffered effects loop would have taken away from its hardwired gain goodness. This little lunchbox gets five fuzzed out stars!

Overall satisfaction:

By SonicProvocateur
Mar 09, 2010
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Price: $24 to $421
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at 14 stores

Tiny sound monster featured

Sound Now this is a really small 15 / 7 W all tube amp. It does not offer much control wise, but this is actually a big plus. It is single channel with all you need: Volume, Tone, Gain. Thats it. With the flick of a switch you can put it in 7W or 15W mode.

I put this on my custom 2x12 cab (with Eminence Tonker Speakers) and played it with my JEM.
Now this little puppy can go all the way from smooth tube cleans to insane gains. It is to mention that this is by far no "play at home" amp, it can get really really loud for its small package.

Now to the settings:

Clean it sounds very nice and you get a lot of tube warmth in it. You should not expect to bright and twangy sounds, if you play country you may want to look into an ohter amp. For clean blues, pop and rock songs this amp shines and can do it all equally well. I would however prefer at least a 3-band EQ instead of the tone pot, as it needs some twitching and you tend to compromise.

When you crunch the amp up, again very nice and creamy sound with lots of that tube love. Excellent characteristics but I miss the EQ even more.

In the high gain section it can really crash, but it stays dynamic and you can hear every tone. No overcompression whatsoever, which I loathe in some newer amps. However now in highgain I really really wished I had more mid control.

However this is a lot of bang for the buck, so I did not give up so easily...
So I hooked up my MXR EQ to the tiny terror and it was quite good. However I would have liked to EQ after the preamp which sadly is not possible, due to the lack of an effects loop.

All in all however this little bugger is much am in a small package, for a fair price.

Reliability This thing is built like it could withstand a tactical nuklear warhead. Which however makes it a bid on the heavy side for such a small amp.

Customer Support No dealings.

Liked about it + Sounds
+ Small Package
+ Volume

Didn't like - No real EQ
- No effects loop

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Mar 08, 2010
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Price: $24 to $421
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at 14 stores

Tiny in name and size only, but it sound huge.

Sound Using a PRS Torrero with Emty Blackout into Boss EQ20 into the Tiny Terror and though the Orange PPC112.

I have replaced the stock el84/12ax7 with Tung Sol el84 and Genalex ECC83 and this is deliver better high and good low than stock tubes.

My tuning is drop C (CDCFAD) and the high output of the Emty pickup into the amps give great low end. The amps does one thing good and easy to dial in the sound but where it lack versatility but the tone make up for it.

The amp is good for recording or practicing. Without an FX loop it is useless for live stuff.

There is no clean what so ever.

With an Boss EQ20 in the front I able to get more tone control ranging from Avenged Sevenfold all the way to Guns'n Roses Slash lead.

I mainly have this at 15 watts setting and this is a very loud 15 watts but with higher headroom and more gain. The PPC112 is did not come with Celestion V30 but mine is a Celestion G12K100 with I like for the low end and higher sensitivity than the V30.

Reliability This thing is built very tough better tough, all metal casing and never had issue with transporting it back and forth to practice. I would use it in gig but this is really my backup to my Dual Rectifier. When you have tubes, always bring backup. I had this since 2009 and still going on strong.

Customer Support Never have to dealt with support.

Liked about it 1. Easy to dial in great tone.
2. Ver light and portable and come with a gig bag.
3. Huge sound when hook up into a 4x12.

Didn't like 1. No FX loop.
2. Not versatile at all.
3. Only 1 ch. and no clean.

Overall satisfaction:

By 11racksfx
Sep 11, 2012
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Price: $24 to $421
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at 14 stores

Tiny box, huge sound

Sound Plugged this in at my local store through a EBMM JP6 BFR(the most familiar guitar there to me). I wasn't expecting much considering that this thing is the size of a lunchox, but I was absolutely wrong. I started with gain and tone all the way up on the 15 watt setting, just to see what this amp's limits were, and I was able to get an amazing metal sound compared to the Mesa/Boogie Transatlantic that I was comparing it to. Turning down the gain and turing up the volume, the amp produced a nice, slightly overdriven tone, similar to what Alex Lifeson's rig sounds like in 2112. With the gain at at the lowest setting possible where there was still an output signal, and the tone turned down a bit, I found that the clean tones here were just as good as the distorted tones.

Reliability I've had no problems yet.

Liked about it -Small and lightweight enough to transport quickly
-A lot of tones with only 3 knobs
-Available as a combo amp too

Didn't like -No actual EQ. I don't mind it, but some people do.
-Fear of losing it at a gig(haha)

Overall satisfaction:

By Jet9
Dec 01, 2010
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Price: $24 to $421
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at 14 stores

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