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Peavey 6505 212 Combo 2x12 Guitar Amp

Based on the 6505 Stack, this combo offers the same classic sound in a smaller package. The sonic trademark of traditional combo amps is the characteristic dispersion of sound resulting from open-backed cabinetry.

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Killer combo for hard rock! featured

Sound If you like your tone loud and aggressive, this is a great amp. Considering its diminutive size the 6505 (old 5150) 2x12 combo is a thunderous tone machine, it will keep up with and obliterate many 100 watt heads with 4x12 cabinets. Thick, rich and heavy distortion are words that describe the Lead channel. Like its brother the 6505 head, it has that incredible lead tone that is like pure butter.

I would describe the overall tone of the 6505 series in general like a mix or Marshall midrange grind with a Soldano flavour to it, and the low end thud of a Rectifier. The 6505 / 5150 series amps owe a nod to the Soldano SLO for sure in terms of the design of the pre-amp gain, but then they take it further with gain that goes way beyond useable, it's just over the top, it has all the gain you could possibly ever want.

This combo has a second channel that a lot of people overlook, the "Rhythm" channel. Notice that its not called "Clean." The 6505/5150 series of amps aren't great at doing cleans, since they were not designed with that in mind at all. However, the Rhythm channel, with the crunch switch engaged does a pretty decent Plexi-ish Marshall tone. Leave the crunch switch out, and dial back your volume on the guitar and you can get decent cleans depending on your pickups, it's never going to be a Fender style clean, but clean enough.

The combo features the same resonance and presence controls as the head, and they affect both channels simultaneously, as does the three band eq. The combo, unlike the head also features a reverb (spring I belive). I'm not fond of the reverb on this amp, but it's nice to have on there.

Reliability This little combo is built like a tank, I would have absolutely no fear of ever gigging with it, short of a tube or a fuse blowing (always have spares at a gig) its indestructible. Nobody is ever going to steal it either, not at a gig anyway, this is a very heavy combo.

Customer Support Dealt with Peavey a few times here and there, like most companies their size support is hit or miss depending on person you get on the phone.

Liked about it Tone, tone, tone! Seriously, this amp sounds incredible for rock guitar. It is voiced slightly differently than the 5150 head to my ears. The rhythm channel seems slightly cleaner than on the head which is nice. It gives a nicer clean option.

Didn't like The shared EQ, Resonance and Presence controls drive me nuts. The 6505+/5150II head got it right with the individual EQ's and Res/Pres controls for each channel. You get it dialed in nicely for the Lead channel and the Rhythm channel suffers, and vice versa. Hard to find an ideal balance. I really, really hate the weight, this amp has got to be close to 90 pounds, and awkward to carry, it is not fun to move around. Reverb did nothing for me.

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By blackspy
Oct 19, 2009
Last updated: December 08, 2009
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