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Peavey Bandit 112

Peavey Bandit 112 solid state amplifier.

Price: $80 to $249 at 14 stores
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Peavey Bandit 112

Sound I used to run multiple guitars into this amp, back when it was my only amp. I used an ibanez rg350dx, ibanez rg1570 prestige, and ibanez PGM301. The Peavey Bandit is a really versatile amp, and i'd highly recommend it for beginners. I used it for pretty much every style; rock, instrumental rock and metal. The amp actually has pretty good distortion compared to other beginner level amps but with that comes as fair amount of noise. Cleans on the guitar are pretty good and the in-built reverb sounds like actual reverb. Although when you move up in gear quality the Peavey Bandit isnt as good as you thought back when you started off.

Reliability I have done a few gigs with this amp and is very dependable. I did have a problem where the pots were loose and the speaker solders were damaged but I got that fixed by a tech and it sounds good now. Only thing i'd complain about the amp is the weight, it is a fairly heavy amp.

Customer Support - Have not used.

Liked about it These are relative to a beginner's thoughts:
1) Good distortion/clean channels
2) Reverb sounds good
3) Great for beginners

Didn't like As an intermediate/pretty decent player now:
1) Distortion sounds like a chainsaw
2) Distortion sounds sterile

Overall satisfaction:

By Arterial
Aug 18, 2010
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Price: $80 to $249
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at 14 stores

A classic solid state amp

Sound A fairly and decent amp especially great for beginners due to it's good sound and ease of use. OK it doesn't have the multi FX of a cube or spider but generally has better sounds.

I own an older 80's/early 90's version that has less features/options than the current models with the chrome knobs and the pre 2005 version with the red stripe the newer models had three modes on each channel wheras the version I have has a bright switch and channel select with Body and Edge on the OD (no mid knob so would be difficult to scoop) channel and a really nice spring reverb, the new ones have digital which still sounds really nice..

The 80 watt versions red stripe and current version also had a speaker out that you could connect to a 212 or 412 cab for the full 100 watt's which would be handy if you needed to push mkore air at a gig.

The current incarnations also feature a simulated speaker out for direct recording

Reliability People have been using these for decades with regular maintanence they should last for many years...

Generally known as a tank you would really have to put some effort to stop it from working.

Mine does have a few crackling issues and the footswitch wasent working when I bought it used, a simple rewire though some may not like the plastic based switch but they are pretty tough and would need some abuse to really damage them, switchable reverb too which is cool...

I don't know exactly how old mine is but it's easily around 25 years old maybe older...

Customer Support Peavey are known to have good customer spport however I doubt they would be able to help with my Bnaditt due to it's age and me not being the original owner...

Liked about it The cleans and Reverb are fantastic, the OD is sweet and sings really nice with my 7V and you can reduce the gain for more bluesy and rocky tones.

The footswitchable reverb is really nice a complaint many have about amplifiers and something that should be included more..

The newer versions have the multiple settings so you have even more ways to fine tune your tone.

Didn't like Lack of modes on mine, the clean channel being a little too quiet( however this may be due to it needing cleaning/servicing)

The fizzyness of the newer versions(easily avoided with the right settings though) so a minor niggle the drive is slightly nicer on the original run's
I also think the plastic chrome knobs look really really tacky on the current versions the older black/red models looked much nicer with the black knobs.

The jack nuts are also plastic, another simple fix like the knobs...

Very minor issues though the clean volume being less of a problem on the latest versions especially with the abillity to hook up to an external cab....

Overall satisfaction:

By ozzuk
Jul 30, 2012
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Price: $80 to $249
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at 14 stores

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