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Peavey Classic 50/50 Stereo Tube Power Amp (2 space)

Rack mount, stereo tube power amp.

Price: $310 to $310 at 1 stores
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Great Power Amp for the money

Sound Great EL84 sounds, 2 quad sets of EL84 power this bad boy. Classic sound that you would expect from those tubes. I run a Marshall JMP-1 pre amp into this power amp and then into a 4x12 1960TV (green backs) Marshall cab. I play in an 80's hair metal band and this set up nails it. Adjustable line out level in the back, as well as res controls in the front for each channel so you don't have to wind it out to get the thing to sound good. This thing will mate up to any pre-amp and serve your purpose.

Reliability So far so good. I have ran this for the last 5 years with out any problems what so ever. It is probably time for a new set up tubes. This is the only amp rig I take to shows and gigs and it hasn't let me down yet.

Peavey no longer makes this product that is what the link is to a classified ad here on Jem site because there is no one carrying the product new. Used only.

Customer Support Never dealt with Peavey directly.

Liked about it -Great value in a tube power amp
-Res controls
-out put control
-stereo, bridgeable and multiple ohm settings

Didn't like -A little under powered for what a 50/50 should be.

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By cpallstar
Dec 25, 2010
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Price: $310 to $310
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