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Peavey Windsor 100 Watts

Peavey enters (and gets out of) the business of cloning the famous Marshall Plexi head, but with some interesting modern features.

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A nice beginner amp or Plexi (almost) on a budget. featured

Sound While my main guitars are usually Ibanez RG series guitars with Dimarzio Super 3 pickups, I usually stick to playing either Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul models through this amp. I bought this amp to get than thick 70's sound and it does rather well at that, but you won't get JCM800 (or better) gain out of this amp by itself. However, it will take any pedal nicely and the effects loop allows you to split your pre and post effects nicely. The super-interesting feature of this amp is the power amp "Contour" feature that allows you to blend between pure Class A operation and Class AB operation. There's a nice variety of "in-between" tones and I usually run the Contour at around 9 o'clock--not pure Class AB but dialed down just a bit. What I've come to use this amp mainly for is as a power amp for my ROCKMAN stage head. I plug the output of the ROCKMAN stage head into a ROCKMAN Power Soak, then into the effects return of the Windsor to bypass the preamp stage. Evidently this is how Boston ran their gear in the early days and going straight past the 3 x ECC83 Valves to the 4 x EL34 power tubes provides pure tonal bliss. If you have a really good-sounding preamp, putting it into the power stage of this amp will make the preamp shine that much brighter.

Reliability I've had no problems with this amp as of yet, but it seems to be built very sturdy and doesn't run too hot.

Customer Support Haven't had to deal with them--no problems.

Liked about it VERY inexpensive Plexi-style head -- only paid $179 brand new.
Lots of tone-shaping possibilities and footswitchable boost.
Contour control is a great included feature for the budget price of this amp.

Didn't like Takes a lot of tweaking to get a good "stand-alone" sound.
Only one footswitchable parameter.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Nov 26, 2009
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Hot Rod Plexi tone on a budget

Sound I use my Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro with Seymour Duncan APH2 Alnico 2 pro pickup sets to a Ibanez TS9 into the Peavey Windsor and the Boss EQ20 in the FX loop to a 2x12 Mesa Rectifier Vertical cab. I had to use this setup for 1 gig doing cover for 80's music. I wanted to pick up a used JCM 800 or JCM 900 but I couldn't find any under $600 used. I pick these up new for $250 and couldn't be happier with the sound that I can recreated my old Hot Rodded JCM 800 2203 head. With the over drive in front of the amp and an EQ this was hi gain heaven. Without any pedal the high gain is fizzy sound. We play Van Halen to Gun & Rose and this was very close to a real Marshall on a tight budget.

I would have gotten a real Marshall but I don't really needs or use a Plexi or Marhsall sound. Only used in 1 gig, so I didn't keep this. I did a mod before selling it and it even sound better than stock without the help of the overdrive and eq. I would recommend this to anyone that on a budget but needs a Marhsall British sound. This is best bang for the buck.

Reliability This thing is so big and heavy. Only use once on a gig and no problem. I always bring a backup just because these are tube amp. I didn't bring a backup because I had no room for another amp. This head is bigger than normal size head like my Mesa Dual Rect.

Customer Support Never dealt with support, never had to.

Liked about it 1. I was able to get close to a JCM800 sound.
2. Very easy to do mod on this head.
3. Only $250 new.

Didn't like 1. Huge and heavy.
2. No clean.
3. Only 1 ch. for this amp.

Overall satisfaction:

By 11racksfx
Sep 27, 2012
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