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Egnater Renegade Featured

65/18 watt 2 channel amplifier. 12AX7 preamp and EL34 Poweramp.

Price: $78 to $621 at 4 stores
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Egnater Renegade featured

Sound I bought the Renegade with hopes that it would offer a good contrasting tone to my Mesa Express 5:50 for a reasonable price. I tested it out with my Fender Strat, Tele, Gibson LP Special and Ibanez JS6. I spent a couple of days with the amp and was immediately impressed with the tone. It sounded equally good through the speakers of my Mesa and through the Egnater Tourmaster 2X12 closed back cab that I got with it. They both have their respective proprietary versions of Celestion Classic Lead 80's. The Rebel sounded well through both the open and closed back cabs.

It was rich and articulate with all of the punch and presence that you would expect from an EL34 amp. I usually boost my amps with high end OD pedals but this was in no way needed with the Renegade. In fact, I preferred the tone of the amp by its self, because it seemed to get a little muddy with too much of a boost. I play legato style mostly and like Satriani type tones. This amp didn't disappoint me in that area. There were lots of tones available with the EQ and "bright" and "tight" switches. The Reverb was ok but sounded a little non-organic.

My opinion is that this amp rocks. The clean's were very lush and there was enough gain on tap for most styles of music. The amp seemed to respond well to both single coils and humbuckers. I felt that the amp's characters didn't change much when switching from 65 to 18 watts which made it even more versatile because it was great at lower volumes.

Reliability This is the drawback. When I received the amp it had some issues. I can't remember what the specific problems were but I remember it acted like it had bad preamp tubes and some other odd noise issues. I swapped out some of the preamp and poweramp tubes trying to isolate the problem but the noisiness and occasional volume drops persisted. I had the amp opened up but couldn't find anything that should be causing the problem. What I did find inside the amp was that it didn't seem to be constructed as well as I am used to seeing in my American built amps. Because of this and the previously discussed problems I decided to send the amp back.

Customer Support The redeeming thing here is that the customer support was phenomenal. I sent an email to Egnater about the problems and received a response from a tech withing a few business hours. When he wasn't able to help me with the problem he forwarded our conversation to Bruce himself, who responded with his own advice. I decided to send the amp back before we were able to track down the problem.

Liked about it Tone, Versatility, Customer Support, Price.

Didn't like Build Quality. If I were in a different financial situation and could afford to own an amp without top notch reliability, or wanted to use this amp in a studio I would have traded it in for a new, non problimatic one.

Overall satisfaction:

By JayRobIBZ
Feb 10, 2010
Last updated: February 15, 2010
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Price: $78 to $621
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at 4 stores

Egnater best amp for the buck anywhere

Sound EPIC from British to American EL34 to 6L6 you want it, you got it here. This thing can take you from soaring cleans to the raunchiest of distortions and overdrives. If you want versatility and playability in a tight package look no further. I run multiple RG5XX guitars and Jackson SL1 my main rig is a JMP-1 to Classic 50/50 to 4x12 TV Marshall. I have spend a bit of time on the egnater line rebel 20, 30, renegade, and tweeker and I would go renegade for a live setting it can't be beat. 2 channels with full eq, tube mix, wattage select, tight and bright switches and a 2nd master volume that is foot switchable it really is the Mr. Everything of guitar amps.

Reliability From what I have heard they are very good to work with, sturdy and trust worthy. Like any tube amp if banged hard enough or dropped expect problems to come up that need fixing.

Customer Support Bruce is AWESOME.

Liked about it -Versatile
-Tube Mix
-Variable Watt
-2nd Master Volume

Didn't like Maybe a 3rd channel with a lead sound. I don't really care just being picky now.

Overall satisfaction:

By cpallstar
Dec 25, 2010
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Price: $78 to $621
Compare Prices
at 4 stores

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