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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

The Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Tube Guitar Preamp is a marriage of a 24-bit Motorola DSP engine with Rocktron's 12AX7 tube technology. The Voodu Valve Guitar Preamp delivers the warmth and clarity of your favorite plexi or pre-CBS combo in a single-rack package. Choose high or low tube gain to control break up. With the very usable preamp voicings, you can dial in...

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The Beast featured

Sound I've been using Rocktron products since 1995 and they're really awesome guitar products.
Intellifex,chameleon,piranha,velocity,xpression and hush noise reduction,all of them are awesome.
Rocktron probably made more for guitar equipment than any other company and as a mesa boogie lover I can tell this beast is the closest you can sound as a triaxis preamp but with a huge price difference and believe me its speaker simulation is 100% better than the triaxis one. Its not like some digital stuff which comes with hundred low quality effects which you probably will never use,its efects have studio quality and to me rocktron's chorus is the best. Only rocktron products have a studio quality compressor ,all other labels have crap compressors which only adds noise to your tone.

The Preamp section has a 12Ax7a tube which gives a warm tube tone . With the Voodu's incredible four-band post EQ section and comprehensive pre EQ section, you will never run out of tone shaping ideas. The VooDu Valve Online is loaded two-tap chorusing, dual- mode phaser, two-tap flanger,compression, frequency programmable wah-wah,tremolo,reverb,echo-like delay featuring unique tap tempo mode, pitch shift, and HUSH® noise reduction placed after the preamp and before the effects where it should be,no noise reduction after the effects as you find with cheaper,noisier preamps. With the VooDu Valve Online, sharing presets is a breeze, (although Rocktron has already included 254 user-programmable presets).And the VooDu is both stage and studio ready with balanced XLR outputs (with level control) and 1/4" outs.

The Speaker Simulator is a work of art, providing parameters for Speaker Size,MIC Placement and patented Reactance parameter.

Select Speaker Type (15", 12", 10", 8" and Full Range), adjust Mic and Placement (positive values simulate moving the mic toward the center of the speaker cone, negative values toward it's edge),use the speaker simulator even if you're not going direct.

I can't tell 1 bad thing about this beast and thanks for no amp simulation !

How difficult is it to use?

It has 4 major buttons :

1- Preset = Select presets.
2- Function select = Choose what you want to adjust like chorus.
3- Parameter select = Choose which chorus parameter you want to adjust.
4- Parameter adjust = change parameter value.

Then press store twice and it's saved.Extremelly easy to use if you understand how this 4 buttons work (come'n it's not rocket science),you'll feel like using a tube amp with pedals.

Audio samples equipment:

Guitar - ESP MII with evo bridge and hotrail neck.
Voodu Valve right through pro tools.
Bass - Cort Curbow 5 strings right to pro tools.
Keyboard - Yamaha QY-700
Drum - Pearl export.

No effects were added in protools,delay and chorus are from voodu valve presets.

Clean tone with chorus and delay
Crunch rhythm tone = no effects
Warm lead tone with a bit of distortion = delay
Lead tone = delay

Voodu Satch.mp3

Voodu Kayleigh.mp3

Voodu Hoey.mp3

Voodu 6Fingers 2.mp3

Voodu 6Fingers 1.mp3

Voodu Leslie.mp3

Voodu Phaser.mp3

Voodu Flanger.mp3

Voodu Chorus.mp3

Reliability No problems

Liked about it 1- Awesome tones

2- Studio quality effects

3- Built like a tank

Didn't like 1- Access to its tube

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Nov 17, 2009
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