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Roland Micro cube Featured

A popular battery powered amplifier manufactured by Roland. Featuring Boss' COSM amp models and effects.

Price: $10 to $199 at 19 stores
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Unbelievable huge sound for such a little guy! featured

Sound This little amp has it all. COSM amp modelling for Black Panel, Classic Stack, Brit combo, Rectifier (heavy as hell) as well as JC Clean, acoustic guitar sound, adjustable tuning fork button for when you don't have a tuner nearby (in A and Aflat), Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Tremolo, Reverb and Phaser. The effects are only somewhat modifiable but more than enough for a practice amp. The best thing about this amp, which instantly sold it for me, was the Rectifier sound. Biggest fattest sound from a little amp I've ever heard..... it'd make Dimebag smile from Heaven. Don't expect the quality of the sound to remain when you crank it up though.... it kinda gets abrasive, but turning it up is missing the point. It's a practice amp to have at home when your main amp lives in the Jamroom, as mine does. Seriously, this thing kicks so much bottom, I even turned down a generous offer for it from my Brother in law to purchase it. He ended up buying a Roland Mobile Cube himself, which is nearly the same but more compact to fit in suitcases. Soundwise though.... I prefer this one but by all means, try them both. They're both quality little amps. If mine were to die on me, I'd get another straight away. Nuff Said.

Reliability This thing is absolutely rock solid, I've had it for ages and taken it to many places. I can't see it breaking in the near future.... even the distant future.

Customer Support Never had a problem with Roland products. They're quality.

Liked about it 1. Can use batteries as well as mains power..... METAL around the campfire anyone??
2. Did I mention the Rectifier in this thing?...... holy crap dude!!
3. Aux in plug..... meaning I can plug my iPod into it and jam with Steve Vai or anyone if I want to, which is pure win! It comes through crystal clear too, I can even use it as a little stereo for my iPod instead of carting around a whole other dock for it.

Didn't like Don't crank it up like you wanna annoy the neighbors or something. This amp is not built for that. It's a tiny amp with a huge sound and it's very well loud enough for a bedroom practice session, just don't expect it to cut over the top of drums or anything and still sound good.
Also.... effects are fairly limited BUT serve a good enough purpose for such a small package. It does more than enough in that department to satisfy me.

Overall satisfaction:

By Macka
Sep 15, 2010
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Price: $10 to $199
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at 19 stores

Roland Micro cube featured

Sound This amplifier has 5 COSM amp models and a acoustic simulator and A microphone model. I will Start with the First amp Model, It is titled "JC Clean" after the Roland JC-120 amplifier. It sounds okay enough for a clean channel, If you turn the volume up past half it will slowly start to distort. You can put an effects processor before it and it should not color the tone very much.

The next model Is called "Black Panel" and is somewhat modeled after a Fender twin reverb, It can have a hint of bite if you turn the gain up. Its good for clean hendrix songs like "Little wind"

Now we will enter the realm of overdrive with our next model: The "Brit combo" - This model can sweep from tones that can cover most of the "British invasion" tones, from going to a subtle overdrive with the gain set at 12 'o clock to A full on raunchy- but somehow creamy almost fuzz/distortion with the gain and tone knobs dimed. This model is supposed to be modeled after the VOX AC-30 (top boost engaged) amplifier, But It just not have the dynamics and sparkle of a real VOX, So no U2 tones sadly.

Next are at the model "Classic stack" Which is supposed to be like a 80s Marshall JCM800 Head. Well, This model does not greatly Impress me. It simply does not have enough treble and tends to get muddy, especially with lower output pickups. Not a high spot in this amp.

The next Model and last is The "R-fier": This is based upon the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier. This model faces a similar Issue to the Classic stack but its a little better here. The think is though, It is a little exaggerated from the actual Rectifier and has more fuzz than gain in my opinion, Its hard to get and pick harmonics off of this model no matter what setting. Rhythm Is okay on this model but playing lead sounds very sour. I truly wish there was some middle ground between the Classic stack and R-fier that was good for soloing, such as a carvin legacy model, but you can not get that tone.

The last guitar tone is the Acoustic simulator. This makes it good when I'm in an outing or hanging out with my friends or at a camp or whatever and I don't/cant have an acoustic AND electric with me. Its simply okay. not the best acoustic sim, but it does the job fair enough.

The last channel is the "Mic" mode. It is not the most useful setting since If you want to keep the mic clean it will get louder then your own singing voice (unless you are justin beiber lol). But you CAN use this with a guitar if you crank the tone and gain all the way up. You can get a good fuzz tone like "foxey lady" or "satisfaction" but that is about it.

Now I will start with the effects, With the Micro cube, You have four effects shared by one knob.

The First effect is chorus, its sound Is okay for most practicing applications, but it is nothing special. The further clockwise you turn it the faster the effect will get.

Now we have Flanger: It is okay for the EVH/chuggin' metal veriety of sound. But it can sometimes be a little overbearing. The further clockwise you turn it the faster the effect will get.

The next effect is Phaser: This is an okay phaser, I do not use it very often, and it is not the most useful phaser, it too is slightly overbearing. The further clockwise you turn it the faster the effect will get.

The last effect is Tremolo: This is a good basic tremolo effect, the depth is fair enough for country or "boulevard or broken dreams ". The further clockwise you turn it the faster the effect will get.

The last set of effect is the Delay/Reverb knob, It operates in the same way the effect knob works.

The delay is okay and can be used in multiple ways even though it has only one know. As you turn the knob clockwise you go from a country slapback delay to a long 80s solo delay. Turning the knob varies both the delay time and length in an intelligent fashion.

the Reverb Is fine. It does the job, It sounds more like a plate reverb as to a Spring style reverb. this effect is average, not great, but not the worst. just okay. Again, as you turn the knob clockwise the level of the reverb will become stronger, and there is more then plenty on tab for a Gilmour solo!

This amp also has A 1/4" out and A 1/4" and 1/8" auxiliary in - Which makes this useful for mainly as a practice amp.

Reliability To be quite honest, I have put this amplifier through he11. It has been dropped on concrete and asphalt SEVERAL times. Been rained on, kicked, thrown and all manner of nasty things. and it has held up with hardly a scratch. so bring it to gig without a backup? yeah! but I'd bring batteries, and it would need to be mic'd at a gig as it is only 2 watts. but its okay for jamming and practice sessions with the band.

I wish it could be compatible with different power supplies, as mine got lost.

The strap is an issue (and contributing factor to why I have dropped it so much. I have had this amp since June '09, and the only that has worn out is the strap. But I wish the strap was anchored to the body.

The Battery life is good, It has gone over a month without changing them!

Customer Support I have never dealt with Roland or BOSS.

Liked about it Jack of all trades

*Good practice tool

*Very durable!

Didn't like Master of none

*Poor high-gain Tones

*Bad strap can become dangerous

Overall satisfaction:

By fwd0120
Jul 29, 2010
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Price: $10 to $199
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at 19 stores

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