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Behringer LX1200H-V-Ampire

modelling guitar head and 4 x 12 cabinet

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Serious bang for your bucks featured

Sound for starters i play mainly hard rock and guitar based instrumental music with charvel/jackson and ibanez guitars...i had been using an ampeg ss140c with ampeg v4 speaker cabs for years and as much as i liked it (and still use it as well) it always lacked a certain spectrum of tones that are commonly referred to as "Marshall tones"...i had never tried any modelling a,ps and walked into dirt cheep music one day to see a v-ampire sitting there...figured to myself "why not?...not like i'm gonna buy it"...after a couple of minutes of tweaking the knobs i was completely blown away by the varieties of tones i could get with the amp...but the marshall tones...the ones i couldn't get with the in that it had some good onboard effects and i was sold...the amp came home with me...

the dry tones: to be honest i have had it for over a year and still have not thoroughly tested all the tones it has...but there are more than 20...and they all sound different and very good...while i can't compare the old fender models to the originals i would imagine they are as close as one would need for the price...the marshall and boogie tones however seem very close to the original amps...i'm guessing someone at the company actually owns most if not all of these amps and they are very convincing thing to note...the salesman told me at the shop that since it is digital the guitar or pickups wouldn't matter...he couldn't have been more jackson sounds completely different than my 570 and my saber as well...the amp does not give just a generic tone but allows the sound of the guitar to come me that was very important...

effects and reverb: i have found that the effects and reverb are very good for the price...however i wouldn't recommend running either at anywhere over roughly 4 as they can become overbearing (especially on the more distorted sounds)

the clean sounds: i haven't really experimanted all that much with the clean sounds...but there is a blackface setting (think old Fender) that is beautifully pristine with very little breakup...add a little chorus and maybe a touch of delay and you have a wonderful clean tone...

the distorted settings: i am a gain freak...but do not like too much distortion...that being said the gain stages on the marshall and boogie sounds are very useful...not sure if they would hold up under today's modern metal demands, but there are other settings on the amp for that like the savage beast setting and the ultimate vamp setting...although i am not sure what amps they are modelled after they have distortion have played around with them and can verify that they can get pretty harsh...

Reliability i haven't gigged with it as i bought it mainly for use in my studio project that is mostly guitar instrumentals where i need different tones...that being said it has never broken down on me or given me any issues in ym studio or when tracking with it...

Customer Support have not had to deal with behringer as a company so i can't comment upon this...

Liked about it 1. the marshall tones...without the marshall price tag...
2. the variety of sounds i can get out of it...enough to keep you lost for days, weeks, months
3. the was extremely reasonable and sounds better than any amp costing this little has a right to sound

Didn't like 1. the effects and the reverbs can be a bit overwhelming if not used in moderation...yes we are talking grand canyon here

2. while i see the need for the digital knobs i believe they will be expensive to replace when and if one breaks

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By diablomozart
Mar 13, 2010
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