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Vox Mini 3 3W Battery-Powered Guitar Combo Amp

A mini amplifier with sophisticated circuitry and maxi potential. - - The MINI3 Modeling Guitar Amplifier offers everything a guitarist needs: a wide range of authentic sounds; great effects; a convenient, compact size; AC or battery powered portability; along with the great design from VOX. - - Drawing on VOX's superior modeling technology, the MINI3 provides a total of eleven amp models, ranging from a powerful high-gain sound to a sparkling clean sound. Also included is a new clean, non-distorting setting that supports a direct line connection from a keyboard or other source. A full complement of effects is also provided, as well as a built-in tuner. - - In addition, the MINI3 provides a versatile array of connections. You'll find a dedicated mic input, plus an AUX input ideal for connecting an MP3 player, making the MINI3 the perfect unit for street performances. - - Traditional VOX Design - The MINI3 carries on VOX trademarks such as diamond grill cloth and textured vinyl cladding. In addition to the proven and popular black, the MINI3 will also be available in a vintage-vibe ivory or British racing green. - Features - - * Compact modeling amplifier with 11 amplifier models - * Line option for keyboards, etc. - * Chorus, flanger, tremolo, compressor - * Delay/reverb types: 2 x delay, 2 x hall - * Tuner - * AC or battery powered - -

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A small and portable Amp that Packs a punch featured

Sound In the world of amplifiers today, we are often spoiled for choices on what amplifiers to get. However, when we talk about small and compact size practice amp, there are only a few out on the market for us to choose. The line6 Mini Spider and the Roland Micro cube just to name a few. However, there is one that I will highly recommend to everyone out there, be it an aspiring guitarist or a seasoned shredder looking for just a practice amp that doesn't blow away their neighbors, the Vox Mini 3 Amplifier.

I call this the little monster. It is only a 3 Watt mini Amplifier, but it packs a huge punch. Before you go ranting off on how much can a 3 watt do, trust me on this one. You are in for a HUGE surprise. To start off, this Amp comes with a broad palate of effects including compressor, chorus, flanger, tremolo, reverb and delay. This is pretty much all a player will ever need in a small practice amp. The amp also comes with several amp modulations that includes but not limiting to Tweed 4x10, AC15, AC30tb, UK '70s, '80s, '90s, Cali Metal and US Hi-gain. This ensures that you get all the different tones within a small compact size amp, without the need on extra pedals, in the event where you will need to carry the amp out for practice or impromptu performance/basking. However, that being said, with the available amp modulations, players can rest assured that when Vox designed and build this amp, they covered the grounds that there are players who prefer the warm jazzy clean tones, the slight overdriven bluesy tone, the scooped heavy tones of heavy metal and the furious tones that shredders love. They had it all in mind.

Of course with that being said, it doesn't show that why I would highly recommend this amp that much. The main beauty of the amp is, it is able to handle very high volume and gain, despite it's size. I bought one of these just so I can bring it to my friend's place for practice. Most of us have one of these and it serves as an amp that is decent and loud enough for group practice in a room. I have no doubt that if ever the need arise to practice in a hall like environment, the amp i still able to perform via mic-ing and I hold the belief that this amp can hold it's own weight 4 times it's size. However none-the-less, due to the nature of it's size, it still does sound compressed compared to an amp with a bigger cone.

To add off too all that awesomeness, the amp also comes with a Aux in Jack for mp3 play along and headphone out jack for late night or early morning practice. This amp can also act as a microphone amplifier, with it's own dedicated mic input with separate volume and reverb/delay controls.

To finish off, this amp can also alternatively be powered by 6 AA (Yes, not C size) batteries that lasts up to 30 hours. The Amp weights only 3.5kg making it very portable (Not Trans-portable). This also makes it the perfect amp for basking in outdoors.

If you are looking for that small and compact size amp that doesn't take up too much space in your home or too heavy to carry around, look no further. Vox Mini 3 is the little monster that will rock your bedroom, providing you hours of fun practice with no compromise in sound. - Vox Mini 3 Modeling Guitar Amp! (video)

Reliability It is build stable and for a small gig with mic-in, I definitely will gig with one of these without a back up. As a matter of fact, I am confident to gig with one of these, battery powered with additional mic in.

Customer Support Never have to deal with them.

Liked about it Small, lightweight and portable
Great amount of effects and tonal options
Sounds really big for it's size

Didn't like Despite it's huge sound, it is still compressed due to the size of the in build cab
The speaker cone also starts to buzz in clean settings when the volume starts to go above 12 o'clock.

Overall satisfaction:

By faekildare
Aug 22, 2011
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