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Bogner Alchemist Series 212 40W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

Alchemist produces a mystical, otherworldly sonority from common, earthly elements. Articulate, sparkling cleans, touch-sensitive leads and a bright and colorful crunch are coaxed from its power section and poured from premium Celestion® speakers. ...

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Incredible versatility - loud enough for small gigs. featured

Sound Testing this amp for the better part of maybe 40 hours gave me a great opportunity to get to know its awesome tonal character. It's unique clean channel can be driven from a thin and crashing clean (perfect for indie rockers or experimentalists) to a fat warm traditional jazz tone, and just about everything in between. With the built in delay (which permits multiple settings; ducking, tape and analog) and reverb (switchable to plate, spring, and hall) gives you footswitchable options that unlock truly unheard of tones from a single combo. The crunch switch adds another dimension of gain, allowing the clean channel to function something like a 5150 (but with a more loose gain structure), and also a bright switch to bring life to dark sounding guitars.

The amp's driven second channel is full of life - it really caught me off guard dialing it in the first time. Its very can definitely tell it is a German engineered amplifier. On lower gain settings, it crunches with authority and can get slightly muddy with a very endearing tone - it is VERY unique. The EQ knobs are very sensative, allowing you to dial in lots of sweet spots - and engaging the mid shift changes both how the mid is scooped (UP, not down, so its boosted for growling rhythms), and the punch switch adds an EXPLOSIVE character to the amp best suited for cranking the gain knob and scooping the mids - it makes the amp sound ALOT like a minature Diezel VH4, imho.

Needless to say, this amp has ALOT of tone sculpting ability, but zoning in at a meager 40 watts it really isn't much of a live performer...drawing feedback at what I would consider "medium" volumes wasn't hard for a tube amp (even with the premium Celestion speakers). This would be best suited for condenser mic'ing in a studio environment, or being mic'd on stage, or just for a small gig. It certainly doesn't have the gumption to drive anything big; although it's tones are truly amazing...if this was 100 watts, it would be in my live rig right now.

Reliability While not owning this amp, I did spend about 40 hours over the course of 3 months playing it in my music store where I worked. It looked solid enough, but I don't think Bogner's are built quite as road worthy as -say- Peaveys. If it was going on the road, I would invest in a road case. However, it, nor its footswitch (which was top notch built) never had any issues.

Customer Support Never had to deal with Bogner or their affiliates, though my ordering guy said their customer support was tough to get a hold of and the Alchemist units we ordered had apparently taken a long time to get a hold of...

Liked about it 1) MONSTROUS TONE!
2) Versatility.
3) Built in, footswitchable delay, reverb, and boost. - Way awesome.

Didn't like 1) Pricey.
2) Underpowered...I would have asked for 60watts personally. complaint!

Overall satisfaction:

By SonicProvocateur
Jan 12, 2010
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