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Budda Superdrive 30 Series II 2x12 Combo

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A chimey clean and rock machine!

Sound Wow, where do I start. ok, the cleans. The cleans on this little combo are simply great. They are creamy chimey. Budda did a great job here making the best sounds for EL84 tubes. The OD channel just roared. It has that barky low-mid dark character. Very similar to the Bogner sound, but with it's own El84 type of voice. At first I was skeptical that the sharing of the EQ controls between both channels would cause an issue with me because I'm a tweaker by nature. I require the ability to fine-tune each channel. I found that I didn't really miss it. I would have liked to have had the ability, but it turned out to be not that big a deal. Both Channels complimented each other very well. This amp would be superb for all kinds of music styles up to and including hard rock. I don't think you'll be able to do metal without the use of a pedal with this amp.

Reliability Budda, before being sold to Peavey, had a great track record with reliability. Mine never broke down once. And never blew a tube or a fuse. I'm sure Peavey will do their level best to upkeep that record.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them.

Liked about it The Tone! Really great chimey vox type of cleans. And sweet dark earthy overdrive sounds! Think Alice in Chains!

Didn't like i would have liked to have had separate EQ controls. Also, EL84s tend to rattle pretty good in combo amps. Mine did this, but it wasn't annoying. Couldn't hear it at all on stage.

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By Superuser
Jan 25, 2010
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