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Egnater Tourmaster Series 412A or 412B 280W 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabine...

MAIN FEATURES. Celestion Vintage 30 Loaded. Rugged Birch Construction. Metal Handles, Metal Corners and Rubber Feet. Rugged Detachable Casters. Patent Pending Automatic Impedance Sensing. REAR TERMINAL PLATE. Patent Pending Automatic Impedance ...

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Compared it to Marshall & Bogner Cabs... Sounds as featured

Sound My taste in guitars generally run towards superstrats, whether they be made by Ibanez, Anderson, or Suhr. HSH pup configs are my fave but, for this particular review I used a PRS Custom 24 with an HH pup config. I purchased a Tourmaster Half Stack. I decided on the 412B over the 412A as it sounded better to my ears. The cab is very open sounding. Little to no compression going on. Sounds great straight away which is a great sign as new VIN30's tend to need a break-in period in order to tame the high end a little. I have quite a few cabs and I plugged into a Marshall MF280B, a Bogner Uberkab and a Bogner Closed Back (all bottom cabs) using the same head (Egnater Tourmaster). ALL sounded great. Based on the new selling prices of the cabs the Egnater would be a best buy as its the least expensive of the bunch (MF280B cabs are discontinued so they might be the same price). The bottom end is there without being boomy. The top end is there without being harsh. And the clarity you need in a cab is there. I also like their 2X12 model.

Egnater Tourmaster Head & 4X12 PRS CURO24 (video)

Reliability I've never had a problem with any of my cabs. Don't see why'd I'd have a problem with this one either.

Customer Support I have dealt with Jeff Hilligan, one of the partners of Egnater, on dialing in tones and upcoming products and such. They are an extremely attentive company that cares about their users.

Liked about it The cosmetics of the cab are look great. Great tone for not much money.

Didn't like Nothing not to like.

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By Robotechnology
Nov 05, 2009
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