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Engl Screamer 50 50W Guitar Amp Head

If you want to play smashing rock with tamed gain, this should be the amp of your choice. Killing tube tone and incredible handling ease are the trademarks of this amp-line. Sparkeling clean, harmonic.

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Scream Baby Scream featured

Sound Now this is also an amp that many are cheacking out to be their first tube amp, as it is more in the lower price range. First of all let me tell you that 50W is plenty of volume in this package, I did not have any problems volume wise against my 100W Carvin. The amp is pretty straight forward in that it has one EQ plus some lead, reverb and lead presence. Add in a bright switch and you're set.
Basically this amp is 2 Channels, but if you add in the lead switch and "soft overdrive" you may count it as 4.

First the basics before I get more into different sounds:
The EQ works really well. It is not hard to get good sounds (nowhere near dial in hell with old Mesas) but it is still very effective and translates every notch. The bright really makes it bright :)

Now I did not like most Engls in clean mode, but this small one really is nice. I hooked up a G&L strat to check the twang in bright mode and it really delivers. Also reacts very good on the tone pot, switch in overdrive and you get a good crunch.
Put it in overdrive and you get a good and solid gain channel. Now it wont do the "insane", but you have plenty of gain for most applications. As with all Engls it does compress a bit, but stays surprisingly dynamic. I would even prefer this dynamics to much more expensive Engls...
Of course due to the 1 EQ for all you sometimes find yourself dialing up and twichting when you switch channels.
Very nice is the combination with the Z5 floorboard, which really delivers all sounds only a step away.
All in all this is lots of amp for a fair price. Compared to a Valveking or a Bugera I would prefer this amp by far.

Reliability Looks really well built and can surely take a stage beating.

Customer Support No dealings.

Liked about it - Versatile
- Sounds
- Lead channel
- Very good EQ

Didn't like - only one EQ
- gets a bit compression in high gain settings (no biggie for most players)

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Mar 08, 2010
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