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Engl Sovereign 100W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

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The only valve combo to get. featured

Sound It sounds so musical for all eq settings and doesn't take long to get what you like. Other manufacturers eq were not making any change much. The cleans can get driven nicely and the crunch is as overdrive or as dirty as you like you want. It has the full ranges possible on this amp. There's 2 leads on the 2nd channel and again these can get as overdriven clean to extremy crazy distortion as you want from even very quiet (on 0.5) This amp can get incredibbly loud and would suit any situation. It can extend to another cab in many ways too. There are so many great features: -real spring reverb with 2 channel settings, variable noise-gate, midi control for upto 20 possible combination switches! Above all it has 2 master volumes for any patch. It's everything!

Reliability The valves are encased in wire mesh so they are well protected and if they break won't damage the speaker.
I only found one issue - the power cable to the 2 fans is tight and at times it can start up but the fans don't start until I tap them. Once they run they are ok. It does have an onboard LED that blinks in case of a fault elsewhere.

Customer Support Not tried.

Liked about it Everthing.

Didn't like I had to change the Vintage30 speaker as it wasn't suitable for this tuned-port open back cab.
I put a Mesa Boogie Black Shadow M90 and this worked a treat. I knew it would as I tried my M.B.4x12 3/4back on it first. The fans are noisy to record but then again the amp would be best at loud to get the valves compression running. So you may not hear them really. It has dedicated line out with attenuation too. You could also plug the output to the speaker into a D.I. box as an alternative.

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By MacMusica
Feb 12, 2010
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