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Engl Z-4 Footswitch

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Built like a tank. No, really!

Sound I use this to control the channels of my Fireball 60 E625. Of course, since it's a footswitch and nothing more there's no sound to speak of. That is, apart from the very positive 'clunk' you'll get from stepping on either of the unit's two switchers.

Reliability Words like 'indestructible' and 'bombproof' are often tossed around by reviewers like cheap hyperbolic pie in the proverbial sky. One look at the Z-4's robust construction could be enough to make them think twice before they make such remarks about other products. Give it two sets of tracks and a turret and you might mistake it for some sort of unstoppable rodent war machine. Fortunately for humanity it only exists to be stepped on, and its entirely metal casing is able to withstand even the most brutal death metal stomp from those size 9 New Rocks your mother bought you last Christmas.

The unit is also tightly constructed and leaves very little likelihood of any spillages, drool or other bodily fluids getting inside. Despite all its tough construction, it is still very lightweight; no heavier than your larger-sized effects pedals.

Customer Support Haven't used

Liked about it ' Large and bright lights to indicate the channel selected.
' Very compact size and robust construction.
' Can be used with any balanced cable.

Didn't like ' Jack socket is in a slightly awkward place if you're going to put it at the front of a pedalboard.
' I no longer trust rodents.

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By Wild_Child
Dec 23, 2010
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Price: $129 to $129
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